By Jesse Utz 

Fantasy football predictions -- Part 2

Jess Shut Up


Well, last week I gave some predictions for the AFC and told you my Super Bowl pick for the AFC. So of course this week is the NFC.

Also, I must apologize to you Bronco fans out there. I was advised by a very smart lady that hate is a very strong word to use, and in the past I have liked a few Denver players. So I am sorry, kind of. I also need to apologize to my fans out there that ha … I mean dislike football. I will be back to normal after this week. My draft is this week and I will be much better after. So here we go.

Before we start, I should say that the NFC is the more powerful conference and has a lot of the upper echelon teams in it. OK, Dallas Cowboys. They will live and die with Tony Romo and I have not seen enough consistency from him over the years to believe in him. Dez Bryant will get his points but beyond that. Sorry Alan, no playoffs for da boys. The Giants I just can’t get behind, Eli will still score and Cruz will still dance but I don’t see them beating the big dogs this year. Philly is in a kind of transition state. New coach, new system, a lot of new players. That all equals growing pains. Vick will struggle in this new offense. The Skins all ride the legs of RGIII. So health is the factor here. He will score points as long as he is on the field. Pierre Garcon and Alfred Morris will also pick up their scores.

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Chicago has a new coach, and no Urlacher. They still have Cutler but he will be gone after this season. Stay away from Da Bears. Detroit Lions have all the tools to succeed: good D, keys players at every position, except one — running back. Someone needs to step up, but no one’s home. All Lions will score points but no running game will cost them a lot of wins.

The Packers are one of those teams that could be there in January. Eddy Lacy is the X Factor here; if he produces, look out. All positions have quality players that will score. Minnesota Vikings will be putting all the offense, once again, in Adrian Peterson’s hands and legs. He should be the number one pick in your league. If he gets injured, flush the Vikings season. Sorry, Bro.

Atlanta Falcons are a top-5 team again this year and should be better than last year. Pick Falcons early and often. They all will score, including the defense. Carolina puzzles me. They have Cam Newton and he will score some, but I don’t see enough supporting players to push them any deeper than a mediocre team. New Orleans is back, and look out. High scoring will be the name of the game here in the dome. Draft Saints at will. The Bucs are making great strides at improving. The problem: they play the Falcons and Saints twice each, and that could be devastating.

Arizona Cardinals have the unfortunate luck of being in the same division as the top two teams in the NFL. They also have leftovers all over their team. Oh, and a new coach. Stay away. The Rams are trying really hard, but they keep losing and they keep losing good players. There are some intriguing players here but there are better ones on other teams.

San Fran will be back and powerful again. Their offense will be better than last year and their D will just slide a bit backwards. They will score lots, pick them a lot and go deep into their bench. Kendall Hunter might be the sleeper pick here.

Before I talk about this last team you must know that they are not my favorite. I know it’s blasphemy to live here and not be a Seahawk fan, but I’m not a wagon rider and I try and stick to the teams I rooted for my whole life. That being said, The Seahawks are the best team in the NFL even without new wide out Harvin. They are deep and Wilson is the real deal. So good. Lynch, Rice, Tate and Miller are all playmakers and will get their points. The D is the best in the league and will dominate most teams. The Hawks are deep on both sides of the ball and the only thing I see hurting them is east coast trips.

My pick for the Super Bowl from the NFC and winning the game against the Bengals? Yep, Seattle Seahawks. Just so you know, I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen this year in football. Like I said, any good team is just a few injuries away from going from great to bad. OK, I have to get ready for my draft now, and of course, I’m picking Joe Montana number one!


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