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8/5 - An officer noticed a man known to be wanted on a warrant on Spokane Avenue near Federal Avenue. He was arrested on the warrant.

- A woman in the Senior Manor told police that someone has been entering her apartment and taking things. She said she was missing two chap sticks which she kept in her dresser, and that two dresses she purchased at the senior center for a dollar each were missing. The woman also said she told the dispatcher that a red pillow she had was missing but later found it on the couch. The woman said she was also missing $200-300 and that the last time she called the police, they had her committed for two weeks. Police took down the information and referred her to her mental health contact.

8/6 - Police responded to a call from W. Grand Avenue in Electric City concerning a disturbance. An officer contacted the caller, who said he was a government employee and had a badge, but refused to show it to the officer. He later told police he couldn’t show them his documents because he worked undercover for Okanogan County. Police referred the matter to mental health.

- Police responded to an accident that occurred in the Safeway parking lot. A car backing out of a parking space hit a car entering the parking lot. Police advised the two drivers to exchange insurance information.

- An Electric City man received citations for his two dogs being loose and attacking a neighbor’s cat. The neighbor stated that two dogs belonging to her neighbor, plus a third dog, a pit bull, had attacked her cat. She said the cat finally escaped and she didn’t know if it was injured or not, and that she couldn’t find it. The investigation continues to help determine if police will ask the city to declare the dogs potentially dangerous.

- Police noticed a man walking toward the intersection of Second Street and Fortuyn Road and that shortly after that there was a grass fire there. An officer tried to put it out and eventually a fire truck was brought to the site to put the fire out. Police looked for the man, but couldn’t find him.

8/8 - A man from an apartment on Main Street told officers that he thought someone had entered his apartment. He suggested that there were pry marks around the door, but it wasn’t certain that they were recent. He installed a new lock on the door.

- Plant Protection reported campers at the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. Police advised the campers they couldn’t stay there. The campers told the officers that they didn’t see any signs stating they couldn’t camp there.

- Police were advised that an Electric City man was suicidal. When contacted, the man said he was afraid he was going to lose control. He was put in contact with Coulee Medical Center and eventually mental health.

8/10 - A man living on Midway Ave. informed police that his trampoline had been blown into power lines. He was advised to contact the PUD.

- A resident of Van Tyne called police to report a man lying in her yard. She didn’t know who he was or if he was dead. Police contacted the man, who said he got hot and just laid down for awhile. He was told he couldn’t trespass in someone else’s yard.

8/11 - Police responded to a call about fireworks being set off. The officer came upon three subjects who appeared short of breath and one of them told the officer that they saw a person who was 7 feet tall and bald setting the fireworks off. Later the officer learned that one of the three had set the fireworks off and had more in his backpack. He was issued a citation and warned about lying to an officer.

- Officers were called to Coulee Playland where it was reported that a man was threatening others camped there. The officer contacted a man who said he had a firearm and gave it to the officer. He explained he was there to pick up his daughter but got into an argument with the mother’s boyfriend.

- A person at the Fusion Café told police that someone had taken two 10-pound bags of chicken breasts, some salmon and a large box of frozen french fries from an unlocked storage freezer outside the restaurant. It was reported that they expected that something like this might happen.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a woman on one of the tours had taken pictures of security post 2. She deleted the photo.

- An Electric City man reported that his son was a runaway. Later he called to say the son had returned home.

8/12 - Plant Protection reported that a 16-year-old girl had been separated from her father. Later the two were reunited.

Coulee Dam


8/5 - A River Drive resident told police that someone had stolen a set of Chevrolet big block heads from his garage. He stated that he usually parked his car in the garage and it was impossible to move the heads. The man stated that he had moved the car, which then allowed someone to enter the garage and make the theft. The loss was about $1,250.

- A man reported that a dog at a residence on Central Drive was constantly barking. Police went to the residence but couldn’t raise anyone, but saw the barking dog in the backyard.

8/8 - Police went to a Tilmus Street residence because of a disturbance. A man had a dispute with a person at a residence because his girlfriend was there and upon leaving broke a vehicle window with his fist. He then fled the scene but later contacted police stating he would pay for the damages. A check with the vehicle owner revealed that they didn’t want to press charges and were satisfied that the damage would be taken care of.

- Police were called to a residence on Central Drive where a woman complained that her neighbor got her vehicle wet. The neighbor, when confronted, said he was just watering his garden. He was advised to be more careful.

- A man from Elmer City called to express alarm at the lifestyle of his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his 3-year-old child. The two have joint custody. He said that his ex-girlfriend threatened him and his aged father. He said he found another place for his father to stay and that he was going to sleep in his car away from the residence because he felt the threat was valid. It was suggested that he call the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.

8/9 - Police are recommending assault charges be filed against a person who allegedly struck another person at a residence on Tilmus Street during a domestic violence incident.

8/10 - Police stopped a man on River Drive for not wearing his seatbelt. When the officer looked inside he saw that four passengers in the back seat didn’t have their seat belts on either. One of them wanted on a warrant was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

8/11 - A man was stopped because he didn’t have his headlamps on and when the officer contacted him there was a smell of alcohol. The man was cited for driving while under the influence, was released to a friend, and his vehicle was towed.

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