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7/30 - A police officer felt threatened and asked for a backup unit when he confronted a driver who had left his dog in a vehicle during the heat of the day. The man got out of his vehicle and appeared to have his fist clenched. The man was warned about leaving an animal in the car.

- An officer reported to his department that he had backed into a retaining wall at his residence, causing minor damage to his patrol car.

7/31 - An intoxicated man who was unconscious was seen in front of Wolf’s Den bar. The man was uncooperative and was finally told to leave the area. The man walked away and then urinated on a building nearby. Police finally took the man to where he was staying.

- A person staying at Coulee Playland reported that someone had stolen his pickup truck. An officer overtook the vehicle in Electric City and found that the person driving the truck had been drinking and was known to the owner of the truck who refused to press charges. The man was cited for driving under the influence and having an open alcohol container in the cab.

- A man who was fishing at North Dam Park reported to police that there was a man at the park causing a disturbance. Police found the man in the grass who reported to the officer that a white man had come by and threatened to cut off his penis. The man allegedly making the threat had left before the officer arrived.

- An Electric City woman reported that a neighbor’s dog was loose and that it had been declared a potentially dangerous dog by the city council. Another neighbor said they would watch the dog until the owner could be contacted.

8/1 - A woman who lives on Sunset Drive in Electric City said that a neighbor woman kept yelling at her and she wanted to get a restraining order against her. The officer told her she would need to go to court for that.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that a couple were bathing in the reflection pool by the Roosevelt bust near the top of Grand Coulee Dam. The couple, who stated they were on their way to Seattle, were told that they could do that in Lake Roosevelt but not in the reflection pool.

- A Lakeview Avenue NE man in Electric City was warned about playing music too loud and disturbing his neighbors. The man turned the music off.

8/2 - An officer noticed a vehicle that had expired tabs and stopped it. The driver was cited for the tabs problem and for not having insurance.

- A clerk at an Electric City store told police that a customer tried to purchase some items including a bottle of beer and she refused to sell the items to him because the person appeared to be under the influence of something. When she refused, she said, the man threatened to go buy some gas and burn the place down.

- Plant Protection reported to police that a bronze four-door truck pulled off SR 155 by Station 1 and took a photograph of the station and then drove off.

- A resident of Silver Drive in Electric City told a police officer who was checking on a 911 hang up call that often when it rains it causes the problem.

- Police went to a residence on Roosevelt Drive after they were advised by tribal police that there was a dispute going on. The officer learned that a man and woman who are living together were arguing over car keys. The woman said the car belonged to her and the man said he thought he should have a set of the keys. He was told to give the keys back to the woman.

- A woman riding an off-road motorcycle was told that the bike she was riding was not street legal. She said she was from Idaho and not aware that the bike wasn’t legal.

- A woman on Continental Heights was cited after her pit bull dog left her property and went after a smaller dog across the street.

- Police responded to a domestic violence call on Roosevelt Drive and found that a man and woman had been in a verbal argument. The officer was told that the woman was going to drive the man to Omak.

- Police were called to Sunbanks Lake Resort to deal with an unruly guest. The man, the report said, was intoxicated, and when he came out of his tent he fell back into it. The man was banned from the resort and it was decided to give the man a ride to Osborne Bay where he could camp out for the night.

8/3 - Police had to help settle a domestic argument on Continental Heights. A woman wanted her live-in boyfriend to leave but wouldn’t give him his payroll check. Police told the woman she needed to give him the check, but before she did she tore it in half. The man said he could tape it together and cash it and gathered his things and left.

- A business owner in Electric City advised police that a former employee had entered the business to take a couple of items to do a person’s hair. The owner said she didn’t want to press charges, just make certain that it didn’t occur again.

- An officer checked on an aggressive dog on Sunny Drive NE. When he tried to coax a 60- to 70-pound dog into his patrol car it acted like it would turn on him. The owner of the dog was contacted and the woman said the dog must have slipped its collar. She was told to keep the dog under control.

- A man who was banned from Sunbanks Lake Resort returned and was cited by an officer. The man was told that if he went into the resort again he would be arrested and taken to jail. He was then taken to a motel where he could stay.

8/4 - A driver was stopped because a tail light on his vehicle was inoperable. His license had been suspended and he didn’t have insurance. He was advised that a report was being sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible action.

Coulee Dam


7/29 - Police checked on a possible hit-and-run accident at Jack’s Service in Coulee Dam. One vehicle apparently backed into another and then left the scene. The owner of the rig that was hit said that there was an exchange between the two parties, and no damage, so there was nothing wrong.

- Police were called to check on a small bear that had gone up a tree on the corner of 12th and River Drive. The police report stated that the bear was about 60 feet up the tree. Onlookers were advised to leave the bear alone and it would come down on its own.

8/1 - A couple trying to sell their Aspen Street home ran into a scam when a woman told them she only wanted to communicate via email. The purported buyer sent a check for half the purchase price and said she would bring the rest when she came to look at the property Aug. 13. Then she said that she wanted the homeowner to send her a check for $2,500 because a member of her family was sick. The check that covered half the cost of the house was no good, and the homeowner reported the scam.

- Okanogan dispatch advised police that a man and a woman were going through the trash at Jack’s Service. Police told the couple to stop going through the trash.

8/3 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that someone had parked their car in the upper Visitor Center parking lot at 1:50 a.m. Police checked and found a man in the vehicle who said he parked there to rest. Police told the man that the area was restricted at that time of night and that he would have to park someplace else, then suggested where he might park and rest.

8/4 - Plant Protection advised police of a motorcycle accident near the Coulee Dam bridge. Police learned that a rider had injured her knee and was taken to a house on Tulip. On checking, police learned that the woman had gone to Coulee Medical Center to have her knee looked at. Police advised the woman that she should never leave the scene of an accident.

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