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Grand Coulee Police

7/18 - An Electric City man told police that someone had taken his cell phone from his car while he was shopping in Safeway. He said officials at the store refused to let him look at security tapes. Later he told police that he had parked his vehicle on the roadway the night before, where Safeway security cameras couldn’t capture it.

7/21 - Police were called to Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City, where a man was throwing his live-in partner’s things outside. Police explained that he could not do this and he agreed to stop. The woman involved packed some items while police stood by.

- Police learned from an Electric City man that his ex-wife had sent him text messages, which he stated, was in violation of a court order. Police are investigating.

7/23 - Police stopped a man because his license plate light wasn’t functioning. He showed police a handwritten note saying he had insurance, which the police refused to accept. He was cited for not having insurance.

- A man was cited for indecent exposure for urinating near a church on the corner of Banker and Roosevelt Drive. Police found the man sitting in a nearby park and told him that the restroom there was open 24 hours a day and he should use it. The man said he shouldn’t have urinated near the church. He was cited. Later the same day, a woman from a Hill Avenue apartment said the same man was in her yard and intoxicated. He was told to leave or he would be arrested.

- A Van Tyne resident called police to report that a man was walking up and down the roadway wearing only underwear. The man was located and since he was covered he was just advised of the complaint.

7/24 - A man lost his brakes and the vehicle he was driving crashed into the backyard of a residence on Sunny Drive in Electric City.

- A man on Goodfellow in Electric City asked police to check on the welfare of his young daughter. Police refused because, the report stated, the man had lost his parental rights with the child.

- While police were looking at a residence on Burdin Boulevard for a man who was wanted on a warrant, they found another man hiding in the closet who was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

7/25 - Police spotted a man walking on SR 155, near milepost 24.5 who was known to be wanted on a felony warrant. When the warrant was confirmed, he was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A man at Coulee Medical Center reported that his cell phone had been taken and he had tracked it to Okanogan County by using GPS tracking. He was told if it showed that the phone was stationary that he should call Okanogan County to follow up.

- An Electric City man reported that someone had stolen some coins and a watch from his premises. Later a Grand Coulee man said he had purchased the items not knowing they were stolen and immediately called the victim so he could look at them and identify the items. Police are looking for the suspected thief.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard reported that a small, black dog with white feet was loose and was defecating on her lawn. Police couldn’t find the dog.

- A Coulee Dam officer reported that someone had struck a light pole at Riley Point and that it was down on the roadway. The pole was moved and traffic cones placed around it.

7/26 - A woman on “E” Street reported that someone had taken a Glock gun from her residence. She gave police the name of a man who had been in the house and it was discovered that he was in Okanogan County Jail. When interviewed by an Omak detective, the man, a convicted felon, denied having the gun.

- Police received a call about a woman jumping out in front of traffic on SR 155. Police went to the location but couldn’t find her.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that several people were tenting in North Dam Park in connection with a softball tournament in the area and that it was OK as long as there were no campfires.

- Police were informed that there were four people fishing out by the canal after dark. When it was explained that it was too late for them to be in the area, they left.

- A motorist told police that someone had jumped out in front of her trying to get a ride. She said she was worried that someone might run the woman over. Police checked but couldn’t find the woman.

7/27 - Police patrolling on SR 174 noticed a vehicle without a license plate light. Police found that the driver’s license was suspended and there was an out-of-county warrant for him. Due to booking restrictions at Grant County Jail, the man was cited for driving without a valid license and for having no insurance, and his vehicle was towed because he had been drinking.

7/29 - A woman complained to police that an Electric City man had violated a no-contact order. Police are investigating.

- Police checked on an alarm at the Variety Store but didn’t find anything.

- A woman returning her mother to the Senior Manor found that someone had taped a message to the door that said, “You are not wanted, move out.” Police advised the party to contact the housing authority.

- An employee of Jack’s Four Corner Service advised police that a man who is banned from the store appeared there to purchase something. She was told to call the police the next time the man comes into the store.

- A patrol officer found the wallet of a Redmond man at SR 155 and Spokane Way. Motels in the area were contacted in hopes of finding the man, but they were unsuccessful. The wallet is being held for the man.

- An Electric City woman was told if she didn’t keep her dog from barking she would be cited. She said she knew that the dog had been barking constantly for three days. The person making the complaint said the dog had been barking constantly for the past three years, non-stop.

- Police responded to a complaint that there was a drunk man passed out on the grass near a Hill Avenue apartment complex. The man had previously been banned from a portion of the complex. Police told the man he had to leave and ended up giving him a courtesy ride to his house.

Coulee Dam Police

7/22 - An Electric City man was stopped when an officer noted that one of his brake lights was inoperable. The officer noted the driver had been drinking. The driver said he earlier had drunk a pint of vodka. He was cited and his car was towed.

7/23 - A woman on Camas Street reported that someone was backed up to her travel trailer and she thought it was suspicious. An officer checked it out and couldn’t find anyone near the trailer and nothing amiss.

7/26 - An officer tried to locate a dually pickup believed to be responsible for knocking over an aluminum light post at Riley Point. A Bureau of Reclamation employee said he heard a loud noise and saw the pickup in the area. The light post was moved by a bureau employee and a Grand Coulee police officer.

7/27 - A man asked an official at the guard shack below the visitor center if he knew of a good swimming hole. It was explained to the man that he shouldn’t be in the area and that he couldn’t swim there. He said he was from Pasco and new to the area.

7/28 - Police went to a residence on Douglas Avenue after a report of domestic violence was called in by a neighbor. Police found a man and woman who had been in a dating relationship. The two told the officer that the argument was just verbal. The man had some of his possessions with him and got a ride to another residence on Tilmus.

- A man on Central Drive told police that someone had poured some weed killer on his garden. He suggested that he knew who had done it. Police took pictures of the damage.

- Police went to residences on Central Drive and Tilmus, where neighbors were arguing and baiting each other. One neighbor accused a man of calling police on their son. The officer explained that the man had not done that.

- A man pulling a trailer on Columbia Avenue was pulled over and cited after the officer noted that his license tabs had expired.

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