Critical of tribal government reorganization

Letters to the Editor


The token gesture towards solidarity through recent council committee delegations for the coming year was indeed too little too late ... my own doubts linger as madam queen left no loopholes.

Her throne was shaken, yes, but it is still in place. Her penchant to evil/corruptness is still wide open to play out.

WITNESS: Sneena was successfully maneuvered/manipulated into the tribal gov’t chair! Is he not totally c7g? Is he not ‘in madam queen’s pocket, at will under her control? Is not ‘tribal gov’t’ the committee unto which primary contact must be made in any/all anti-council action...(referendum, petition)? Along this line of thinking Sneena is/will be her up-front snitch towards any anti-council action.

WITNESS: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT/Benny Marchand. In my view, once again--not good, not good. Another cohort, another partner in crime of last year’s council, and now another informant for madam queen in development projections which can then necessarily be maneuvered to Joe P direction, for, once again, madam queen control through c7g Joe P.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

WITNESS: Management & Budget -- Billy Nicholson ... one more time! Not good. BN ... shades of madam queen, a sneaky snake ... shades of the puppet chairman; he will ‘white lie’ you, to make himself look good. Again here — up front informant for madam queen towards imminent budgetary/fiscal projections.

In closing, merely regurgitation of my opinions that the vice-chair is truly the power position council-wise, the go-to person, the get things done person. And WHO but Sneena in this position? What a joke. Mr. c7g, totally the madam queen advocate/follower. Need I say more?

We must remain vigilant or, figuratively speaking, “the wool will remain pulled over our eyes! baaa aa baaa ...

In Colville spirit, by the peoples, for the peoples ... limlimpt

Truman Covington


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