Are we proud of our new Electric City arsenic plant and brown water?

Letters to the Editor


Our answer is NO!

On June 12, 2013 an article in The Star said the Electric City officials claimed the water was OK to drink.

Do you notice a lot of chlorine in your water?

Does you water run brown at times?

Does your icemaker make brown ice?

Has the inside of your dishwasher turned brown?

Does your toilet sometimes look like it needs flushed again?

Are your white clothes not so white anymore? Brown water!

Do your dark clothes look like they have been subjected to bleach, chlorine?

You have probably showered in brown water and not known it!

If you have a water filtration system in your house, you might have not seen the brown water.

Your filters may be plugging up faster than normal.

Does your garden drip irrigation system plug up faster when there is brown water?

We DO NOT DRINK Electric City water at all any more. Even our dogs will not drink it!

We have saved several sterilized containers of the brown water. It is not only brown but there are suspended particles of SOMETHING in it!

If you get brown water, save some of it in a clean, clear container, look at it after it has settled out.

On July 1, 2013 we all got a water rate increase.

This is to pay for the near $2,000,000.00, that is MILLION, WITH A CAPITAL M, ARSENIC PLANT.

This doesn’t seem reasonable for water we can’t, won’t or should not drink!

Who is going to PAY US for all the extra water we have to run down the drain until it clears up?

Are we also paying a share of all the water they run out of the fire hydrants to try to flush the brown water out of the system?

On July 10, 2013, the Wa. State Department Of Health ordered the Electric City arsenic plant shut down

until the brown water problem can be taken care of.

They state that the brown water that was SAFE TO DRINK ON June 12, 2013, IS NO LONGER SAFE TO DRINK.

If any of this alarms you, call Washington State Dept. Of Health- Eastern Wa. Drinking Water, Spokane- 509-456-3115,

call our district state Reps. Brad Hawkins, 509-662-5733, or Linda Parlette, 509-663-9702.

Jay and Lil Sooter

Electric City, Wash.

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