Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

7/16 - A woman reported that she found in a ditch a Bureau of Reclamation envelope that contained a number of cards.

7/17 - Police received a report of a woman walking in the street yelling at herself. Police found the suspect and asked her to stay out of the roadway. She agreed to do so.

- A business owner requested that police help in getting a person to leave her establishment. It was reported that the person, a woman known to police, had been outside disturbing customers. Police found the woman inside the business in the restroom with the door open. When asked to leave the woman told the officer that she had a dollar. Police told her to leave and that if she returned she would be arrested for trespass.

- A man who was found in a Hill Avenue apartment was arrested for violating a no-contact order and taken to Grant County Jail. The woman told police that she was going to go to court the next day to have that court order lifted.

- Police checked on a report of a woman lying in the grass near the public library. The woman said she was OK when questioned by the police.

- An Electric City woman told police that she had heard that a woman she had befriended and her boyfriend planned to break into her house, steal her drugs and kill her dog.

7/18 - An officer, at Washington State Patrol’s request, checked on a motorcycle accident near milepost 8 on SR-155. The officer learned that the motorcycle had swerved to miss a deer and wrecked, possibly injuring both parties on the motorcycle. An ambulance took the two to Coulee Medical Center and the accident scene was turned over to a State Parks Department official.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A Portland doctor advised police that he thought a patient who resides here was having a stroke and requested that police check on him. Police checked on him at his room at a local motel and found that he had passed out. The man explained that his medication had been changed. He refused medical attention. Police reported back to the doctor.

7/19 - Police assisted getting an injured man from a boat into an ambulance at Sunbanks Lake Resort. The man had jumped from what was described as a 60-foot cliff into the water and apparently struck the rock face of the cliff on the way down. The injured man complained about a leg and hip injury. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- Police responded to a call from Kelso Avenue in Electric City where a woman said that a man was driving in a threatening manner after arriving to pick up his children. Police found the man at Coulee Medical Center, where he explained that his wife was in labor and he was trying to get her to the hospital when he got a call to pick up his children.

- A woman told police that her son, who had a mental disorder, had gone to get a latté several hours before and hadn’t returned.

- A Safeway clerk called police to state that two young shoplifters, one 13 and the other 14, had taken something from the store without paying for it. The clerk caught the 13-year-old who stated that he didn’t know the other boy had taken anything. The boy, from Omak, was turned over to his uncle and was told he was banned from the store. Officers were looking for the other boy.

7/20 - An officer had to make two trips to Coulee Playland on noise complaints. After the second warning, the owner of the camper was told that he would be cited if the officer was called again. He said the group was going to bed.

- Police got a call that there was possibly a drunk walking along the highway near Coulee Playland. Police found the man, who stated he was walking home to his residence on Electric Boulevard in Electric City after being at the Wolf’s Den bar. The officer gave the man a courtesy ride home.

- A woman with a new vehicle had stalled it on Federal Avenue and SR-155. An officer was called and, upon checking, it appeared an animal had chewed through the wire to the alternator. The officer and another person patched the wire together and gave the vehicle a jump start.

- A woman reported that she had lost her 2-year-old white English Terrier named “Stella” at Crescent Bay. She said the dog could be returned, if found, to the old Sage Restaurant.

7/21 - An officer had to resort to a tricky maneuver on a noise complaint. The officer went to a residence on 1st Street, where loud music was playing. After pounding on the doors and walls he couldn’t get anyone’s attention because the music was so loud, so he went to the back of the residence where he tripped the main electrical breaker. The officer got the attention of the homeowner and told the woman she would be cited if he had to return.

Coulee Dam


7/16 - A Central Drive resident may have a serious problem with her dog. A man reported to police that the woman’s dog approached him as he was walking, baring its teeth, growling and acting like it was going to bite him. He said he tried to go to the other side of the street and the dog followed him and made several passes at him attempting to bite him. He said when he got to the other side of the street, the dog left him alone. The dog, medium size, chocolate brown in color with dots above both eyes, acted aggressively toward the officer when he went to the door of the house. The officer is going to have his chief determine whether the dog should be declared dangerous.

7/17 - A man on Camas Street was advised that he couldn’t park his trailer with expired tabs on the parking strip in front of his home. He said he would update the tabs so the trailer was compliant.

7/18 - An official at Lake Roosevelt High School reported a broken window in the art room. The officer found a six-inch size rock used to break the window.

7/21 - A man who drives a bus for Northwest Stage Lines who was conducting a tour told police that a pickup with a fifth wheel had sideswiped his bus. He said it left a dent in his rearview mirror and a scuff about a foot long near the rear of the bus. He said neither vehicle stopped.


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