Tangled tribal web still woven

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“Oh what a web we weave ... when our primary aim is to deceive.” -- Unknown Sorry, cannot give credit where credit is due. The above quote come to mind this a.m. while regurgitating the Colville Tribe political/governmental setting, c7g council. The above quote is lost somewhere in my vast daily political-governmental news media readings: world, national, state... AND, ‘locally’ with all that c7g council perpetrates: evil, corrupt, “deceiving” under the table/collusionary, behind closed doors scheming, and just CCT administrative/fiscal mismanagement. Need I say more!

Madam queen and her goons are running scared, at least I certainly hope so: pending court proceedings here, pending court proceedings there; incumbents/colleagues imminently gone; reorganization/more needed $$$?? and some of her ‘sheepdom’ council no longer sayin’ yaaa aa yaaa yaaa aa

Beneficiary pro-council ‘plants’ on CCT fb forums coming out of the woodwork in defense of c7g council’s malfeasance, tomfoolery... Even ‘the vette’ in her unprecedented ministrations, threateningly promises to testify ‘pro-council’ and further bringing up ‘her’ elders. What about those 2700-plus referendum signers which the council so flippantly denied and tossed aside? Don’t they count too?

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Along this line of thinking, on the complete ‘other end’ of the spectrum in support of council was outbursts of the jackal/hyena, Jimmy the Greek, spewing four letter words in denigration, judgment- condemnation...which literally serves no purpose as people tend to just toss this type of thing aside. Just sharing some of my own mindful ponderings today...My thoughts still linger almost daily to our CCT tribal situation at hand, the still chaotic atmosphere, questions of sustainability and prospering(?), changing of direction in the imminent future of our Colville Confederated Tribes.

Elections 2013 recently completed but tribal atmospheres still cloudy, unsettled, doubtful.

Perhaps something to brighten the future is ‘finishing out’ those recall petitions to impeach remaining council to hopefully effect change by the peoples, for the peoples. IT IS UP TO YOU...the CCT concerned membership to effect change. Despite recent elections CHANGE IS STILL IN ORDER, turnabout is something still hoped for by the majority of our peoples. As Sneena would say: What do you think?

Truman Covington


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