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Grand Coulee

6/30 - An Electric City man told police that his vehicle had been damaged while at Safeway sometime during the past month. He was asked to bring the vehicle to the police station so an officer could take pictures of the damage. He told the officer he couldn’t drive the vehicle to the police station because the license had expired. Police went to his residence to take the pictures.

7/1 - USBR Plant Protection called police to the top of the dam where a van was blocking the entrance. The driver was told to move on and said he was parked there while trying to figure out the fastest way to get to Colville.

7/2 - USBR Plant Protection asked for the police department’s bomb dog to examine a suspicious box at Station 2. The dog didn’t give a positive response to the box and it was determined it was a cracker box.

7/3 - A call to Banks Avenue was in regard to a man and his wife arguing. They agreed to separate for the night while things calmed down.

- Police advised some people that if they jumped the fence again in the lower Visitor Center that they would be banned from the area.

- Police assisted the Washington State Patrol in responding to a stalled car just south of Electric City. The three females in the car said they would camp there until a relative from the area could come to their assistance the next day.

- A man told police that he had been attacked in the Electric City Post Office parking lot by a number of ninjas wearing black hoods. Police advised the man to seek medical help for a damaged hand. After local treatment the man was advised to see a specialist for tendon damage.

- A man called police to say that a person was passed out behind his apartment. Police advised the intoxicated man that he couldn’t stay there.

7/4 - Police contacted some people who were camped in a tent at the Visitor Center south parking lot and told them they couldn’t camp there. One person said she was from “Huckleberry Heaven” and the other said he was from “Numbers of You,” both vendors at the Festival of America occuring in the park.

- A clerk at Jack’s Service at Four Corners said a woman came in and gassed up two rigs and had given him a credit card and when gassed up left. Police tried to find the vehicle but couldn’t locate it. The credit card is being investigated by police. The gas bill at the pump was $172.30.

- A woman told police that she had just been assaulted at Spring Canyon Campground. She was advised that this was within the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. She waited at the police station until an NPS officer arrived.

7/5 - A woman on West Cardinal Road told police that a man at the residence had a bullet in his mouth and was attempting to light it with a lighter. She indicated the bullet was about three inches long. Police tried to contact the man by phone but when he learned who was calling hung up. A Grant County Sheriff’s deputy was enroute and said that he would check into the situation since the residence was in the county.

- A man on Diamond Street in Electric City, whose dog had been loose and allegedly made threatening motions toward a young child, told police that his neighbor is constantly teasing the dog by poking garden tools at it. He was told to secure the dog and report the teasing to police the next time it occurs.

- Police banned from Safeway a man begging for money inside the store. He said he just wanted to get home to Spokane. Police showed the man where the free bus leaves from. Later police were called to the Variety Store where the same man said he missed the bus and wanted to wait there for a ride to Okanogan. Police were told the man had been sleeping near the dumpster at the store for a week and officials at the store wanted him to leave. He was banned from the store and parking lot.

7/6 - A woman who has rental property on Van Tyne told police that a neighbor had been over to the property in his underwear and later in the day was seen running down the street with a hatchet in his hand. Extra patrols were requested.

7/7 - A California driver got a ticket for going 22 mph over the 40 mph speed limit and was told his boat trailer didn’t have operable tail lights. He said he would get the tail lights fixed and was advised of the court date.

- Police assisted a woman who had locked herself out of a room at the Senior Manor. The woman told police that a friend of the manager refused to use the master key to let her in and that they had exchanged words.

7/8 - Police were called back to the same location where the same woman told police that she had prevented a scam and that persons were sending secret codes via her phone and were tracking her through the phone. She also said that she thought the blue tape on the various lockers in the basement were on the wrong lockers so she pulled them all off.

Coulee Dam

7/1 - Police stopped a vehicle on the Elmer City Access Road because the driver failed to dim his lights. The driver got a warning.

7/3 - Police assisted in an unattended body report on Central Drive.

- A woman at the lower parking lot at the Visitor Center told police she was locked out of her travel trailer. She was given the phone for Jack’s Service for assistance.

7/4 - A man told police that he found a cell phone, charger and torch lighter on Central Drive and had given the cell phone to residents nearby because he thought they would be able to figure out who owned the phone since there were pictures of children on the phone. Police later retrieved the phone and have it available for the owner.

7/5 - A man on River Drive said his girlfriend had left two days ago to take someone home and hadn’t returned. While at the location the woman drove up and explained that she “fell off the wagon” and that was why she hadn’t returned.

- Police were given property found in the park area across from the Coulee House Motel. All of the owners called to make arrangements to retrieve their property.

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