Report: 21 cows on airport runway


Port District 7 commissioners are trying to deal with a report of 21 cows on the airport runway and several instances of cows breaking out of their pasture and getting on the golf course.

It was reported at their meeting last Thursday that one pilot counted 21 cows on the runway on one occasion.

Commissioners have called the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to complain and have complained to the party they think owns the cows.

Several cows are being pastured at the south end of the golf course, and on several occasions they have broken through the fence and trampled part of the golf course.

Commissioners are asking that the gate that secures the airport be closed after entering to prevent loose cows from gaining access to the runway area. And they’re asking that perimeter fences be checked to see if they are secure. The port will try again to contact the owner of the cattle.

Port District Chairman Orville Scharbach said he regularly patrols the area about 5:30 in the morning to check on the cows and to try to contact the owner.

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