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6/24 - A Nespelem man was arrested and taken to Grant County jail after allegedly taking a bottle of vodka without paying for it from Safeway. The man was found at a residence on Yakima Street. He was banned from entering Safeway in the future.

6/25 - A vehicle was stopped because a brake light wasn’t working and the officer found that he didn’t have insurance. He was cited on the insurance issue.

- An officer responded to a report that shots were being fired at the Spring Canyon campground. The officer found that a Tacoma man had been firing a bb gun in the area. He was told not to shoot anymore.

- An Electric City woman told police that someone had called to tell her she just had won a prize. She suspected some kind of scam and wanted to report it.

- A man on West Coulee Boulevard told police that he had asked his sister to leave the residence and she refused to do so. The woman told police that she had taken her rabbit to the vet and when she returned her brother wouldn’t let her in. He had stated that he didn’t like the people she was with. It was explained that the house belonged to their parents. The man was advised that if the parents wanted her banned from the residence, then he could have her leave, but that she couldn’t be banned on his say so.

- Police were advised by a neighbor that people in a residence on Banks Avenue were not supposed to be there. Police responded and ordered two people out of the house, one of whom had been banned from the residence in 2012. Police are asking the Grant County prosecutor to cite that woman for criminal trespass in the second degree.

- An Electric City man told police that a motorhome with Alaska plates had been parked on his father-in-law’s land for three days and there was no one around it. Police tried to contact someone at the motorhome but were unsuccessful. The motorhome was registered to a party in Juneau.

- Police checked on a report of a stolen vehicle from a residence on Coulee Boulevard East. The police traced the vehicle to a man in Nespelem and are still trying to unravel the events surrounding the movement of the vehicle.

- A Redmond, Wash., man was confronted after he violated photography rules while on a tour of Grand Coulee Dam. The man said he would delete the pictures and apologized for the problems he had caused.

- Police checked on a pickup parked after dark near the ballfields at North Dam Park. Police looked for people connected to the vehicle but couldn’t find anyone. The vehicle is registered to a man in Coulee Dam.

- A woman was arrested on a domestic violence charge after she allegedly slapped her boyfriend during an argument. She was taken to Grant County jail.

- An East Wenatchee driver told the officer that he didn’t see the two speed signs on Federal Avenue when he was stopped for going 10 mph over the limit of 20. He was warned on the speeding, and cited for not having insurance or a valid driver license.

- An Electric City man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail at the request of Child Protective Service whose representative stated that the man was suicidal and had made threats. He was later released.

- An Electric City woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman reportedly tried to rush a person using an ATM machine at The Star newspaper building, yelling “hey, hey.” The woman apparently ran from the bushes nearby in an effort to reach the vehicle at the ATM.

- A woman in a Hill Avenue apartment told police that there were a number of people in her apartment and she wanted them out. She made the complaint from another location and the officer said he would meet her at the apartment. There was only one man in the apartment and he said that some of his friends were helping him work on an auto nearby and when he learned that the police were coming he asked them all to leave. The man was apparently living in the apartment with the woman. She asked that he be removed and the man agreed to leave.

- Police assisted a Grant County Sheriff deputy serving a protection order on a resident on Burdin Boulevard.

- Police checked on a man who reportedly was harassing people when they walked by him on Mead Avenue. An officer told the man of the complaints and he said he was just trying to get home.

- Police arrested a man at an apartment on Hill Avenue for violating a protection order filed against him by the female resident of the apartment. He was taken to Grant County jail.

6/28 - A woman who backed into a vehicle at Center Lodge Motel tried to wake the people where the car was located but couldn’t get anyone to answer the door, left a note on the vehicle with her phone number on it. Police called the number and the woman said she didn’t have insurance but was willing to pay for it. Police said they needed to talk to her in person.

- A man whose two pit bulls got loose may end up with a hefty bill. The two dogs attacked and injured a cat so severely that it had to be put down. The man was cited for his dogs being loose and police are reviewing the incident to consider if they will ask that the two dogs be labeled vicious animals. The woman that owned the cat is asking for restitution.

- Police responded to a call of a fight at the Electric City Bar and Grill. The officer found a large number of people in the parking lot. Four people were involved but no one wanted to press charges. The bartender wanted the four banned from the tavern for 24 hours.

- A woman in Electric City broke up with her boyfriend and moved out. But the man came to the home where she was staying and wouldn’t go away until police arrived. The woman went to the house to get the rest of her things and the man drove her home to where she was staying. The man wanted to get a no-contact order against the woman.

6/29 - A man living on Fortuyn Road told police that someone had apparently smashed the windshield of his boat with a rock. He said he didn’t notice the damage until he took the cover off the boat.

- A woman on Division Street told police that she had a dog in her custody that had been mistreated. She said it had been tied up with no water or food and she responded to this when the dog was howling. Police tried to contact the owner of the dog but couldn’t because he had gone camping, according to a neighbor. The woman is keeping the dog until the owner comes home and police have a chance to talk with him.

- Police responded to a report that someone was trespassing at 2nd NE in Electric City. A man said he owned the road the intruder was on and they were blocking the road to his house. Police asked the party, who was unloading a U-Haul trailer to move so it wasn’t blocking the man’s driveway.

6/30 - Police banned a woman from a residence on 2nd Street in Electric City after getting a report that the woman had a gun. She denied having a gun but said she knew who made the report and that she had been having issues with the man for some time.

- A bartender at the Wolf’s Den asked that a man be permanently barred from the tavern because he wouldn’t leave when asked.

- Police were called to Sunbanks Lake Resort when two men staying in a cabin were drinking and making too much noise. A person who works at the resort went to the cabin to ask the parties to quiet down and felt threatened. Police told the two that when they are asked to be quiet they should obey.

- Police found seven street signs in the Hillcrest/ E. Grand Avenue and Miller Place, pulled from the ground. They replaced the signs and then are asking the city crew in Electric City to see that the signs are secure.

- An official at Columbia River Inn reported that a woman had taken a cell phone. Police found the woman and turned her over to Coulee Dam police.

Coulee Dam


6/24 - A person on Camas Street was advised that he needed to remove two unlicensed vehicles from the town right of way, and needed to either have his swimming pool fenced as required by town ordinance, or drain it. He decided to drain the pool. The cars would be removed, the resident told police.

6/25 - A driver was stopped by police when the license plate was obstructed by two ball joints and dirt. The officer found that the driver was suspended, had no registration for the vehicle and no insurance. He was cited and told to leave the vehicle safely off the road until he got a licensed driver to move it.

- Police checked on a report that a female who appeared panicked and wearing a red/black coat, black backpack, red Capri pants and no shoes was trying to get a ride. Police couldn’t find her but learned that she did get a ride in a white pickup.

- Police checked on a barking dog complaint on Central Drive and found a dog barking inside a residence there. The officer left a written warning notice.

6/26 - A report of a man having difficulty walking up the hill by the Visitor Center brought a response from an officer. When the officer found the man, he attempted to walk to the patrol car but fell over the guardrail onto the street. The officer gave the man a ride to Coulee Medical Center.

6/28 - A man police had stopped recently for having a suspended license was seen and stopped again. The man said he was only driving to his daughter’s house to babysit while she went to get a latté. The officer found the man didn’t have insurance and was still suspended. He was cited and told the officer he would walk to his daughter’s place.

- A Grand Coulee man was stopped for a lane violation, not having lights on his vehicle and not having his license on him. He was given a warning.

6/29 - A woman who was in violation of a code that requires a swim pool have a fence around it, told an officer that she saw a pool over by the bridge that didn’t have a fence around it. The officer went to the location and gave the owner of the pool a written warning.

6/30 - A driver who got in an argument with a man ran into a fence in the ball field parking lot. She said, and he confirmed, that when he was getting out to walk ,he tried to grab the keys and it distracted her.

- Dispatch advised police that there was a theft in progress at the Columbia River Inn. Police found a bare-footed woman who was accused of taking a cell phone. Police found the cell phone in some bushes nearby. The motel asked that the woman be banned from the property.

- Police stopped a vehicle that had defective equipment near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and found that the driver was suspended for not paying traffic fines. He was cited and told not to drive the car and not to move it until he found a licensed driver.

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