Ramon O. Morfin is wanted by officials.

Group to


50,000 fish

Some 50,000 rainbow trout will be released into Banks Lake July 2. It will be the second such batch this year that POWER, the Promoters of Wildlife and Environmental Resources, has raised from fingerlings and released into the fishery.

The group raises about a quarter million fish a year, also including kokanee, and boasts a very low mortality rate at its net pens in Electric City.

They can use more help. Anyone interested can join them at 9 a.m.

Burglars make off with


If you find a lot of salt and pepper shakers at a yard sale this week, be suspicious.

Somebody stole $15,000-$20,000 worth of them Sunday in Bridgeport about 4 p.m.

Douglas County Sheriff deputies responded to the 1200 block of Douglas Ave. in Bridgeport, WA.

At a mini-storage business on Douglas Avenue, victims reported someone had cut the lock and entered their storage unit and stolen thousands of dollars worth of antique glassware, including approximately 700 salt and pepper shakers and vases made by “Hull,”, “McCoy,” and “Shawnee.”

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

One of the salt and pepper shaker sets consisted of a 20-piece collection with figures representing a stage coach team, Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal reported.

His office is asking citizens to be on the lookout for the unusual stolen items. Anyone with information should contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (884-0941) or RiverCom Dispatch (663-9911).


Grant County authorities are looking for Ramon O. Morfin, 19, in connection with the Sunday night shooting in Warden which left two people injured.

Warden Police have an arrest warrant for Morfin for suspicion of two counts of first degree assault.

Fireworks caused injuries and fires

There were 354 fireworks-related injuries and fires reported to the state fire marshal’s office in 2012 by fire departments and hospitals, the state fire marshal’s office reports.

Of the 354 reports received, there were 128 fires and 226 injuries. The majority of these incidents occur on July 4. Most incidents were caused by males between eight and 21 years of age. According to Deputy State Fire Marshal Lysandra Trejo, the incidents of greatest concern are:

• Seven residential fires totaling $880,500 in loss. One was caused by an illegal device, three by legal fireworks and three by an unknown type of firework device.

• 26 fires and 64 injuries were caused by devices which are illegal to own or possess in Washington State.

• Seven sparkler bomb incidents included five fires/explosions and two caused facial, torso and hand injuries. These devices are considered improvised explosive devices which are illegal to manufacture and possess.


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