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Grand Coulee Police

6/18 - An Electric City woman told police that someone called and wanted her phone number and Social Security number. She refused to provide the numbers and in turn told police of the incident. A scam of some kind was suspected.

- A woman on Palmer Avenue in Electric City told police that a neighbor’s dog came at them snarling and barking and prevented her from getting into her house. Police contacted the dog’s owner who said he would keep the dog on a leash.

- A woman on Third Street reported that a dog was loose on the street. Police looked for the dog but couldn’t find it.

- Police were called to Hill Avenue, where a man said he didn’t like what someone had put on Facebook about him and that he was there to confront the individual. The officer found that the man had a warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

6/19 - Officials at the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School contacted police on the theft of two computers from the school facility. One was valued at $895 and the other at $638.

- An Electric City man was stopped and ticketed for reading a text message on his cell phone.

- Officers from Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee were both involved in arresting a juvenile on a warrant. A Grand Coulee officer took the boy to the Grant County juvenile facility.

6/20 - Police were advised that a powerline that fed two street lights near SR-174 and Portello Street was down. Grant County PUD was advised and the officer waited at the scene until workers arrived to fix the problem.

- A woman was stopped near North Dam Park because of expired tabs. She told the officer she was unaware of her license tabs being expired. She was cited for that along with not having proof of insurance.

6/21 - A Montana woman was cited for not having a driver’s license and her car was towed when an officer checked on her and a male companion because they were in a no-parking zone by North Dam Park. The officer is asking the prosecutor’s office to issue charges.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A dispute over a boat part that was ordered for a customer who didn’t want to pay for it brought police to a business on Midway Avenue. When the party was advised that the part cost $288, the party who allegedly ordered it told the business owner that he had “killed people for less that $101,” the report stated. When the party came to the shop and was confronted about his comments, he said, “What are you going to do about it?”

- Police got a report of a female who kept wandering into traffic. When they found her, police learned of a warrant for her arrest. She was taken to Grant County Jail.

6/22 - Police were advised that a sign used to promote the VFW yard sale had been stolen.

- A Nespelem woman was cited for driving under the influence after being stopped for a defective brake light and improper lane usage. She admitted to drinking four beers, according to the report. The woman left the scene on foot after completing the arrest information.

6/23 - A woman said her 12-year-old son ran ahead while they were walking near Pole Park and that he was missing. She later found him.

- A woman who now lives in Western Washington told police that she is being harassed by her husband. She was asked to document the calls and advise local police.

Coulee Dam


6/16 - A woman told police that she had attended a wedding at city hall and was having trouble securing the door. Police showed her how to release the press bar on the door and it was then secure.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a Ford Explorer was parked in a no-parking area at the Visitor Center. A check of the vehicle disclosed that it belonged to a Bureau of Reclamation employee.

- A person reported that a woman was sitting on a bench at the north side of the Coulee Dam bridge and that she was slumped over. Police checked on the woman, who said she was okay and just waiting for a ride.

- A resident who had just moved back to the area told police that his leaf blower was missing. The caretaker of the property was contacted and he told police that he had the leaf blower but had been locked out of the property and would return it.

- Police, in responding to what was called a burglary in process on Tilmus, found that the call was made in error. While there, police learned that a person known to be wanted on a warrant was inside the garage. When told to exit, the man refused but later came out and was arrested on the warrant and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

6/22 - A woman was stopped on River Drive and the officer found she didn’t have a driver’s license, vehicle registration or insurance. She was cited and not allowed to drive.


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