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Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

6/9 - A man who told the officer that he didn’t want to go to jail on a warrant, did just that. The Omak man was stopped because of a faulty brake light and the officer found that he was driving with a suspended license, didn’t have insurance, and that he lied to the officer. A Lincoln County warrant for his arrest let the officer take him to Davenport.

6/10 - A Spokane woman wanted on a Grant County warrant was seen walking near the Four Corners. She was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a report of a cell phone stolen from a residence on Weil Place.

- A report of a man urinating in an alley behind Main Street got the attention of an officer who found the Keller man intoxicated and on the ground. He was advised that he couldn’t do that and moved on. Later, the same man was found up on Hill Avenue. Police saw that the man made it to his apartment.

6/12 - A Chewelah man who was walking down SR-155 was stopped by police. He told the officer that the dam was disguising a nuclear reactor and that the water was cooler because of it. He was told to walk on the sidewalk. The officer and USBR Security were both watching the man to make certain that he didn’t impair traffic.

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- A Chewelah man was banned from Pepper Jack’s Bar & Grille after ordering food and not paying for it.

6/13 - An Electric City man was banned from property near Kent Street after allegedly getting into an argument with a man nearby.

6/14 - Officers are requesting that a dog on Spokane Boulevard be declared vicious by the city council after it attacked a cat and shook it violently. The dog allegedly had bitten a Grant County deputy sheriff and killed a cat earlier.

- A man in Electric City discovered his father who had apparently died a short time earlier. He told police he had tried to call his father earlier but got no response. The body was released to the funeral home.

6/15 - Police were told by Safeway officials that a man in the store threatened to sue over a dispute on a purchase. The man had stated that his bank had stated that the store had overcharged him, and it was on a Saturday when the bank was not open. The report stated that an official was going to ask him to leave, and was advised if the man didn’t leave to call the police back.

- Grant County Housing Authority officials asked police to help get a person out of an elevator whose doors would not open. Police eventually got the person out of the stuck elevator.

- A Nespelem man was stopped for a faulty brake light and was issued a ticket for an expired registration and no proof of insurance. The man told police that his documents were inside his locked glove compartment and the key to the compartment was broken.

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- A Spokane driver was cited for failing to stop at an intersection on Martin Road and the officer found that the man’s license was suspended and he didn’t have insurance. A passenger was also cited for not wearing his seatbelt.

- A man was pulled over for not stopping at an intersection on Wetzel, Roosevelt and Martin. He was cited for that and for not wearing his seatbelt and not having proof of insurance. Later the man produced proof of insurance and was told to show it to the magistrate.

- A Safeway official told police that two people tried to walk out with about $800 worth of groceries.

- A driver pulling a car on a dolly without lights was seen by an officer who, when he turned around, found that the driver had pulled in on Miller Avenue in Electric City, trying to hide from the officer. He was cited.

- An Electric City driver was cited for not having insurance after being stopped for having an expired license tab. She was warned on the license tab being expired.

6/16 - A man who lives on Hill Avenue was advised that he was banned from calling his wife’s phone and that of his wife’s father. He was told to go to the courts and arrange a parenting plan.

- Police arrested a man on a forgery felony warrant and took him to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Dam Police

6/7 - Tribal police asked for assistance where an officer had a vehicle stopped with six people in it. The officer was about to arrest a person wanted on a warrant but wanted a backup officer to assist. The arrest was made and a licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

6/8 - A person asked police for assistance because his car’s headlamps were not working and he had to get to Spokane. The car had five people in it, two of them children. The officer gave the man the phone numbers for Jack’s Towing, and several motels in the area. The person at Jack’s said he couldn’t help and the man called several motels in the area but none answered the phone. Police escorted the vehicle to Spring Canyon campground where the people could camp until morning.

6/9 - Police responded to a call about a disturbance to a location outside the city limits. The woman told police that her husband had a “melt down” and suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and had called her names and then left the property. Tribal officers were called but stated since the persons involved were not tribal members they couldn’t help. Okanogan County Sheriff officers were called but stated that they didn’t think a crime had been committed so they wouldn’t come. The officer walked around the property to make sure the house was secure and then left.

- Police observed four vehicles parked on town property and that one of them was up on a jack. An officer tried to contact the Holly Street resident to tell him he couldn’t work on his cars and park them on town property.

6/10 - Police checked on a report that a sprinkler had been left on for several days pooling water at a residence on North Columbia. Upon contacting the homeowner, it was learned that water pooled in the man’s yard from the run off from other properties in the area.

6/11 - Police and an ambulance arrived at Riley’s Point to check on an elderly man who had fallen after stopping to look at Grand Coulee Dam. He said he didn’t need to go to the hospital for a checkup.

- Police went to a residence near Sixth and Pine Street to check on a loose dog. The officer saw two dogs known to him as belonging to a person nearby. The owner said she had put the dogs inside while she went to the store and somehow the dogs opened the front door. She was advised to not let the dogs run loose.

6/12 - Police saw three young men walking near the top of the dam and recognized one from a warrant. He was arrested and taken to Okanogan Juvenile Facility.

- A man and a woman were arrested on different charges after the man who was driving was seen drinking a beer. His license had been suspended, and adding to his woes was the confirmation that he had consumed several beers prior to being confronted. A female passenger was wanted on a warrant. She was also arrested and the two were taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- Police advised two vehicle owners that their cars had been parked on city streets for some time and hadn’t been moved, in violation of the town’s ordinance.

6/14 - A man who resides on Lincoln Avenue told police that a number of items had been delivered to his address, none of which had been ordered. Police checked and found that the man apparently had been a victim of a repackaging scheme and his credit card showed that there was a $710 charge for the items. Police are trying to unravel the incident.

6/15 - A woman living on Stevens Avenue told police that after an argument, her husband had locked the screen door with her outside. She said in the past she had requested that the police come during an earlier incident. She said she planned to spend the night at a friend’s house and needed her child’s medication and clothes from the house. Police went to the house and retrieved the items. The man wouldn’t communicate with them. The couple was given domestic violence kits.


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