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Grand Coulee Police

5/27 - Police recovered a stolen mountain bike taken from a resident at E. Coulee Blvd., in Electric City. An Electric City resident was seen riding the bike and is being charged with being in possession of stolen material.

6/3 - An officer noticed a vehicle near Four Corners that didn’t have a license plate and stopped the driver at Banks Lake Park. The Electric City driver didn’t have a valid license and the officer found that the man had an arrest warrant out for him. He was taken to Grant County jail and the officer asked prosecutors to take into consideration that this is the fourth time the man had been picked up driving without a license.

6/4 - Police reported that someone had written graffiti on the wall of the restroom at North Dam Park.

- A woman on Diamond Street in Electric City told police that her boyfriend had thrown her to the ground after an argument. She requested that there be a no-contact order placed. Police took the man to Grant County Jail under a domestic violence charge.

6/6 - Police responded to a suicide report on Roosevelt in Electric City only to find that the report was incorrect.

- A woman was stopped going south on SR-155 because the officer could see she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. She was cited for the seatbelt violation and not having insurance and no valid operator’s license. The officer is asking the prosecutor to review operating a vehicle with a suspended license charge.

- A man was stopped because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and was cited for that and for failing to sign his vehicle registration or have his license with him.

6/7 - A woman was cited for talking on a cell phone while driving on Midway Avenue and for her vehicle license being expired.

- A report of a suspicious woman on East Cardinal Road got the attention of an officer, who found she was wanted on a Thurston County arrest warrant. She was arrested and taken to Grant County jail.

- Officers went to Coulee Medical Center because of a combative patient who had been drinking. He refused treatment and was asked by the officer to leave.

- An officer stopped an Ephrata driver while he was enroute from Soap Lake for passing on the wrong side and for not signing his registration.

6/8 - A man who said he was blinded by the sun ran through a wooden gate at Station 3 on Marina Way. There was about $3,000 damage to his vehicle and $300 damage to the gate.

- A woman complained that someone had blocked her driveway with another vehicle. Police advised the owner who was blocking the driveway that he couldn’t do that and couldn’t drink and drive.

Coulee Dam Police

6/3 - Town officials advised five property owners that their properties were in violation of the town nuisance ordinance and that the problems needed to be corrected within five days.

The properties were on River Drive, Pine Street, Tulip and two on Holly.

6/4 - A man was arrested after witnesses stated that they saw him strike his female companion and then throw her out of his moving vehicle in the gravel area across the highway from Pole Park. The man admitted to drinking nine beers and two mixed drinks. An argument between the two started in Coulee Dam and continued up the hill to the site where the woman was shoved from the car. The man faces driving-under-the-influence and assault charges and was taken to Okanogan County Jail. The woman was treated at Coulee Medical Center for scrapes and bruises.

- USBR Plant Protection contacted police about a car parked in a no-parking zone near the top of the dam. The driver told police that she was waiting for her husband to get off work. While talking with the woman a man got into the car. She was advised that she would have to find a legal place to wait for her husband in the future.

6/6 - A woman parked in front of Harvest Foods advised police that she had locked her keys inside her vehicle. Jack’s towing was called and a person was on his way to help.

6/7 - Tribal police asked for assistance where an officer had a vehicle stopped with six people in it. The officer was about to arrest a person wanted on a warrant but wanted a backup officer to assist. The arrest was made and a licensed driver took charge of the vehicle.

6/8 - A person asked police for assistance because his car’s headlamps were not working and he had to get to Spokane. The car had five people in it, two of them children. The officer gave the man the phone numbers for Jack’s Towing, and several motels in the area. The person at Jack’s said he couldn’t help and the man called several motels in the area but none answered the phone. Police escorted the vehicle to Spring Canyon campground where the people could camp until morning.

6/9 - Police responded to a call about a disturbance to a location outside the city limits. The woman told police that her husband had a “melt down” and suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and had called her names and then left the property. Tribal officers were called but stated since the persons involved were not tribal members they couldn’t help. Okanogan County Sheriff officers were called but stated that they didn’t think a crime had been committed so they wouldn’t come. The officer walked around the property to make sure the house was secure and then left.

- Police observed four vehicles parked on town property and that one of them was up on a jack. An officer tried to contact the Holly Street resident to tell him he couldn’t work on his cars and park them on town property.


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