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I would like to remain anonymous and hope that my letter will still be printed. The reason I don't want my name revealed is because it has to do with the safety of my family and my property. I am writing this because of the letter written about the burglary during Colorama.

I have spoken to our police department on numerous occasions about the drug dealer problem in our community and I think the community needs to be aware that our police department’s hands are tied. These people have been busted on numerous occasions and it falls on the county prosecuter to prosecute them. The prosecuter is Angus Lee, and he is overrun by cases, for one, and for two, we are the small town of Grand Coulee in the BIG county of Grant. They don't consider what we are enduring, with not only the drug dealers but the young people they are killing, to be as bad as our jails being at complete capacity and the other cases they are trying in the courts such a big deal. And don't forget the victims have to not only pay the cost for the damages to their property but (taxpayers) pay for them to be housed, fed, and the criminal has rights!

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

I feel very sad for the young people’s lives that these dealers are damaging. They are children we all know and could be our grandchildren. These dealers need customers and if we could somehow stomp our feet as a community to the prosecuter, maybe we could eliminate some of our problem with the people buying from them!

Please understand that our police department can't take them to jail if Grant County won't take them, and when they do arrest them for dealing (felonies) they can't get a prosecution for over a year. Then we need to take back our community by over-running the prosecutor with emails, letters, phone calls or showing up at his office to let him know we will not stand for this any more. We need to help out our police department, not make them the bad guys. They were very polite and very considerate and helpful on what I could do as a taxpayer to help them help me!

Concerned in the Coulee


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