Resident wants exception to code


An Electric City resident has requested approval to build an oversize accessory building

Mike Dennis, who lives at 118 Lincoln Avenue, was told by the city council last week to make his request to the city’s planning commission.

Dennis was told that perhaps the planning commission would change its rules on the size of building permitted on different size lots to accommodate him.

Dennis furnished council members with the size of his lot, 16,000 square feet; the size of his house, 2,668 square feet; and of his proposed accessory shed, 1,656 square feet. He showed that all would only occupy some 27 percent of his lot, while the city code allows for up to 60 percent coverage.

The 36- by 46-foot accessory building would be of wood-frame construction with siding to match his residence, Dennis told the council.

Dennis said with a roof height of 21 feet, the new building would allow him to park his trailer inside, as well as other recreational vehicles.

The square footage of the building is nearly double the size allowed under the city’s zoning code. The code allows that extra buildings on a residential site can only be up to 850 square feet in size. Dennis’ proposed building is 1,656 square feet. And the height of 21 feet of Dennis’ proposed building exceeds the height allowed by three feet.

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The council thanked Dennis for all the work of providing information and told him he would have to persuade the planning commission to change the code.


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