Denied recount, tribal candidate files grievance


A candidate for the Colville Business Council has filed a formal grievance against the tribal election committee, saying she was denied a recount required as automatic by tribal law, she said.

Charlene BearCub, who ran for the position 2 seat in the Nespelem District, was edged out in the May 18 primary by two votes. She said the tribal election code requires an automatic recount if the difference between candidates is three votes or less.

“I verbally requested a recount, TWICE, due to the confusion and the ballot counts not matching,” BearCub wrote in her appeal. “I requested a recount due to the two votes differential. I was wrongfully denied a recount.”

BearCub said Friday that she handed her grievance to Councilmember Billy Nicholson, chairman of the election committee.

Reached Tuesday, Nicholson had no comment.

BearCub and others, also complain that members did not receive their absentee ballots in the mail in time to vote.

“As late as this week some of my Nespelem voters are just receiving their ballots. They were denied their votes to be counted,” BearCub wrote in her grievance dated May 14.


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