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Grand Coulee Police

4/29 - Cattle again broke through a fence and gained access to the golf course. Police asked golf course officials for a list of damages.

- A woman reported a vacant house had a door ajar. An officer worked his way through cobwebs to check the house out. The Ronald Drive house door wouldn’t latch when the officer tried to lock it.

- Police responded to a domestic violence call on Bowen Street. A woman said she was collecting some of her things from the house. Later the man of the house called police to say the woman had stated she was going to see his truck was messed up.

- A man was stopped after he backed through an intersection at Yakima and Alcan Road. When told why he was being stopped he replied “oh” and then was issued a ticket.

4/30 - A student at the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School reported that her cell phone, valued at $500, had been taken from her backpack during the 5-6 grade physical education class.

- A woman from Wilbur reported that her truck-driving boyfriend hadn’t been heard from for several days. A GPS check showed that the truck was in Shelby, Mont. Police there found the truck, with the door open, but the driver wasn’t there. Later they found the driver whom they said was disoriented and confused. He was sent to a hospital for treatment.

- Plant Protection called for an officer and the bomb dog to check out a vehicle. The dog didn’t give a positive response.

- A man on Bowen Street was arrested for domestic violence and assault after he allegedly head-butted a woman. The man had brought children to the house to see their mother when the incident occurred. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A person reported that there were several juveniles playing basketball on private property and the homeowner was away. An officer advised the youth to leave.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a domestic violence issue. She is accused of striking a man who said he didn’t want her arrested, just out of his house.

- A woman turned in a wallet she found in the parking lot near Coulee Hardware. The owner was contacted, stated that everything was there.

5/1 - A Nespelem man was cited for parking too close to a highway sign. The driver apparently was attending one of the four ball games going on at the middle school. The officer put the ticket on the window of the car.

5/3 - Police were told of an injured deer on Hill Avenue. Police were unable to find the three-legged critter.

- A woman in Coulee Medical Center for an illness told a nurse that a certain party had tied a boy’s hands behind his back and the boy had run away. Police talked to the mother who said that the party who tied the boy’s hands was just playing a game.

5/4 - A man reported that four studded tires were taken from his truck that was parked at the Grand Coulee Lodge. The man stated that the tires were valued at $1,300.

5/5 - An Electric City man told police that his dog had gotten loose because a friend had tied it up improperly. The loose dog was reported by a woman who lives nearby.

- A Moscow, Idaho, woman was arrested after she high centered her car on a rock in Grand Coulee. She was cited for driving under the influence and for assault after she allegedly kicked and tried to head-butt the officer. She ended up in the Grant County Jail.

- A tractor trailer got stuck near the top of the dam while trying to turn around. An officer stopped traffic so the truck could back out of the area and continue on his way.

- A woman on Dill Avenue told police that someone had called her over the phone to tell her that they would be by her home to give her a check for $250,000. The caller told her not to call the police. The officer told her to call the police if the person showed up.

5/8 - A woman living in a Continental Heights apartment told police that while she was getting her mail, a person entered her unlocked residence and took some cash and bank cards.

- Police checked on a report that there was an altercation at Crescent Bay with three men messing with another’s crayfish pots. The altercation was only verbal and occurred when one of the three took hold of a rope holding one of the pots. Police checked the trio’s identities, and since those involved were not wanted for any other offense, police left the scene.

5/9 - An officer checked on a report that people residing in a mobile home park on Electric Boulevard had an excess of two dogs, the amount allowed under Electric City ordinances. They told the officer that they were moving to Lincoln County and would be gone within three days.

- A man was cited for lighting a fire that spread to an empty lot at Division and “B” Streets. Two firemen just happened to be in the area and put the fire out.

- A woman was advised that it was illegal to leave children in a vehicle unattended. The officer was called to the Safeway parking lot where the woman went inside to purchase a phone card.

- A man reported that when he went to polish some jade pieces he had in his Main Street residence he found that several pieces were missing. Police found a pry mark on the door frame. The man said the missing jade had a value of $5,000.

5/10 - An officer who could hear a motorist coming from a good distance stopped the vehicle and the driver admitted that he had a modified muffler system designed to produce noise. He was cited.

- One woman walking with another on Midway Avenue was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after admitting she had thrown a cup of vodka into the face and eyes of the other woman.

5/11 - Police assisted a woman who lives on Sunny Drive who had fallen, then they stood by until medical help arrived.

- Police assisted a man at a Hill Avenue residence to take charge of a child he had in common with the occupant of the residence. The woman refused to allow the man to see the child until a specific time. She refused to budge on the time. He said he would wait.

- Police detained for Tribal Police a man suspected of committing a burglary in Elmer City.

- A man on Bowen Street told police that his neighbor had threatened to shoot his dog. He admitted that it got out and was rummaging in the neighbor’s trash. He was told to keep better control of his dog and then the officer went to the neighbor’s house. The woman there admitted to making the threat but acknowledged that she didn’t even own a firearm. She was told to call the police the next time she had an issue with a dog.

- A man traveling west on SR-174 was stopped because three people were standing up in the back of his pickup truck. The man didn’t have a driver’s license and had expired tabs. he was cited for both offenses.

- Two boys were separated and their parents were called after they got into a fight near the carnival site during Colorama.

5/12 - Two men were seen walking down Midway Avenue where a flower pot was broken in front of a business and one of the men was reported as urinating near another business. Both men denied to police that they were involved in either incident.

- A man living in an apartment on Main Street told an officer that someone had stolen two paintings he had made. The officer couldn’t find any signs of a forced entry but gave the resident some ideas of how he could make his apartment less accessible.

5/13 - A man reported to police that he had $1,500 in cash and checks taken from his motorhome parked near the windmill park. The man was a vendor at North Dam Park during the Colorama celebration. He told the officer that the theft had occured on 5/11, and he thought that a man carrying a sidearm might have been a witness to the theft.

Coulee Dam Police

4/30 - A school bus hit a parked pickup on Civic Way as it turned into a loading zone. The bus scraped the pickup during the turn causing damage to the front bumper area.

- A driver received a warning for still having studded tires on as she was driving in the 200 block of Columbia Avenue.

- A driver was stopped while exceeding the 30 mph speed limit near Pole Park by 10 mph. She was warned on the speed, but got cited for not having insurance.

5/1 - Police responded to a room at Coulee House Motel where a woman and her boyfriend had been in an argument. A complaint was called in because of the noise by another motel guest that had a room underneath. The woman said she had dropped and broken a beer bottle in the room and wanted police to scare her boyfriend. Police went into the room and noted that there were several beer bottles scattered about. The two promised to quit arguing and causing trouble.

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