By Alan Wood 

Professor: Guzman's plight must be a misunderstanding

Letters to the Editor


I have known Guillermo for many years, ever since he was a student of mine at the University of Washington. So I am very, very surprised to read this story. There must be some gigantic misunderstanding. Guillermo was not only a brilliant student in all my classes, but he is one of the most wonderful, compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated students I have had in thirty years of teaching. His own personal story of overcoming hardships and challenges growing up, and then his passionate commitment to education, has been an inspiration to all his friends and acquaintances as well — and even to his former teachers! His goal was always to give back to his own students the joy of learning that he had discovered in school, and in order to do that he went on to get a Masters degree in education so he could teach high school.

I have actually Skyped with one of his classes just a few months ago (while I was still in Seattle), and enjoyed every minute of the conversation with his students. I earnestly hope that this misunderstanding can be cleared up as soon as possible so Guillermo can be back in the classroom where he belongs!

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Alan Wood

Professor, History

University of Washington Bothell


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