Tourist arrested on bomb threat


A California woman arrested last Thursday who allegedly made a bomb threat while on a tour at Grand Coulee Dam, was booked into Okanogan County Jail and released the next day on her personal recognizance.

Christina Frisvold, 33, was arrested by Coulee Dam police officer Michael Sullivan after she told him two times that she had a bomb, according to police.

She was on the tour with her boyfriend, Robert Marty, also from California, who, according to a police report, had told her to stop talking about a bomb.

She later told officials that she was only kidding, but the threat wasn’t taken lightly.

Frisvold was separated from the rest of the tour and when asked why she made the comment, she said it was a joke.

The threat was made at Station 2, near the metal detector area.

Frisvold was taken to the Coulee Dam police department and then taken to Okanogan.

Coulee Dam Sgt. Larry Hall said that Frisvold has been given a court date and is being charged on the bomb threat.

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