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Grand Coulee Police

4/14 - A Spokane woman was stopped for expired tabs on her vehicle and the officer learned that her license had been suspended. A licensed driver who was with her at the time took charge of the car and the Spokane woman was cited and given a court date.

4/15 - A woman on King Street called police to say that her former boyfriend was making threats against her current boyfriend and that they planned to drive to Ephrata and get a protection order. The former boyfriend was contacted and he denied making threats.

4/16 - Police were called to a house on Bowen Street where a man and woman were involved in a domestic argument. The woman was given a courtesy ride to another location and advised she should seek a court order for a civil standby while she retrieved any belongings left in the house.

- A woman on W. Grand Avenue told police that she had just run off a woman who tried to enter her home and asked to see her son, who was not living at that location. Police located the woman and told her to stay away from the place or she would be arrested.

- A woman on Bowen Street said that a vehicle was blocking her driveway. Police advised her to have a towing company come and haul the car away.

- Police responded to a disturbance at the Wolf’s Den Bar where it was reported that a man, estimated to be 70, had put his arm around a woman’s chest and the woman’s son pulled the man’s arm away, before the man left without paying his bill. Police were given a description of the man and his name.

4/17 - A woman reported her vehicle was stolen. She said she left her car with the keys in it while being inside the Wolf’s Den and when she came out it was gone. Later the woman called police to say that she had found the car.

4/19 - Two men who went into the Wolf’s Den with each other got into a fight inside and continued the argument outside. When the men were refused entry back inside the tavern, one of the men beat on the door with his head and then used a chair outside to break out a window. The investigation continues but the officer’s report stated that charges would be filed against the man who broke the window.

- A man stopped for having a cracked windshield was found to have three warrants out for his arrest. He was cited for driving with a suspended license, possession of a switchblade knife (considered to be as dangerous weapon), failure to carry his registration, no insurance and the defective windshield. The man told the officer that you could purchase a switchblade knife locally. He was taken to Grant County Jail on the warrants.

4/21 - Police were called to the Grand Coulee City Park by a resident on Roosevelt who stated that youth were fighting in the park. The officer found a number of young people who stated they were playing a game called “fugitive” which consisted of them running to Sunbanks Lake Resort trying to keep from being “captured.” The officer checked the park and said there wasn’t any damage in the area. Numerous groups of youth were found during the evening apparently playing the same game running in alleys and streets and by businesses. The game ended about midnight, the report stated.

- Police checked on an open door in a residence and found that some people were moving into the house and had left the door open.

- An Electric City woman told police that she struck something with her car on SR-174, and drove on to a location on Mead Avenue. The officer’s report told of damage to the vehicle and that it had been driven to that location with the tire flat and damaged. The officer retraced the route but couldn’t find out what the woman had struck. Later the woman recanted her story and reported that she had hit a boat trailer with her car.

4/22 - Police had a report that a person with a semi-trailer was picking up scrap in the industrial area. An officer told the driver to make certain that the scrap metal load was secured.

- A man reported to police that a man came out of the Senior Manor and took his picture. The reporting party was on a bicycle pulling a trailer and told police he was heading to Spokane the next day and wanted to report the incident.

Coulee Dam


4/14 - A car was stopped near River Drive because it was missing a license plate.

4/15 - An obstructed license plate resulted in a vehicle being stopped on Columbia Avenue. Warnings were given.

- A man on Central Drive called police because part of his neighbor’s fence was lying over in his backyard. Police tried to contact the neighbor but were unable to do so. The officer advised the man to contact his neighbor because it was a civil matter.

4/16 - Police were called to Walnut Street because a vehicle had been parked there over a month. Police checked and found that the owner of the vehicle lived in Omak and that the license tabs had expired in 1998.

4/17 - A driver was pulled over for having expired plates, and the officer found that he had a license suspended for not paying traffic tickets. The officer advised the young man that charges would be filed out of Grant County. A licensed driver in the vehicle took charge of the car.

4/18 - A Lake Roosevelt High School official reported an intoxicated person. An officer responded to the call.

4/19 - Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School on a harassment call. A female student told officials at the school that she had received a call on her cell phone and as a result was afraid for her safety. Police questioned the caller, a boy at the school, and forwarded a report to Okanogan County juvenile officials.

- A man was stopped for expired tabs and told the officer that he had the tabs but forgot to put them on his vehicle. The officer watched the man put his tabs on.

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