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4/9 - Police had a report of a woman spraying weeds along the road on Jackson, Goodfellow and Stevens streets in Electric City. Police looked for her but couldn’t her.

- Police responded to a call from Coulee Medical Center that there was a disturbance. The officer learned that a woman was receiving information on pain management and her boyfriend took exception to something and started yelling. Police couldn’t find him.

- A semi-truck jackknifed and nearly ran into Jack’s service building at Four Corners. Police blocked traffic while the driver got the truck straightened out.

4/10 - A woman reported that her purse had been taken out of a grocery cart while she was loading groceries into her vehicle in the Safeway parking lot. The store’s video camera showed a person taking the purse and police are looking for the suspect.

4/12 - A woman allegedly entered a residence on Hill Avenue and struck a former boyfriend in the neck. She fled before police arrived and they are currently looking for her. The man agreed to have a protection notice against the woman.

- Coulee Medical Center advised police that a woman dressed in white had yelled that she was possessed with demons and left the area. Police found her on Spokane Avenue, where she told police that demons were telling her to hurt herself. She was taken to Coulee Medical Center for a blood draw and Grant County Mental Health was notified.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A Maine driver received a citation for driving under the influence after being stopped for faulty tail lights, then failing field tests. The driver’s car was towed and the driver was given a ride to a motel.

4/13 - A young man was cited for taking a vehicle without permission, driving without a license and making false statements to an officer after he was seen driving in a reckless manner near Midway Avenue.

- A man on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had taken his kayak. He said the value was around $700.

- Police went to Banks Avenue on a report of dogs being loose. The officer saw that a loose board had allowed the dogs to get out. He fixed the fence by putting a pallet against the board.

4/14 - A Nespelem woman was stopped because the tabs on her vehicle had expired nearly a year ago. She was cited for that and for not having insurance.

- A woman on King Street reported a woman was in violation of a protection order. The order stated that the woman was to come no closer than 100 yards to the residence. Police forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office for possible action.

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4/15 - Police went to a Hill Avenue apartment where there was a possible overdose. Police found a woman who had been drinking and had also taken a number of prescription pills. An ambulance took her to Coulee Medical Center.

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4/8 - Police checked on two boys walking around with flashlights, who told the officer they were looking for nightcrawlers because they planned to go fishing the next day. On checking on the boys, the officer learned that one was wanted on a warrant. He was arrested and taken to Okanogan for booking.

- A man on Tulip Street reported that his vehicle was stolen. Later, when police checked with him, he said he had located his vehicle.

- Police noted a car at Riley Point that was disabled. The officer was told that it had slipped a belt and that someone was enroute to fix it. But one person there was wanted on an arrest warrant and was taken to the county jail.

4/9 - An Ephrata woman who had crossed the fog line was driving slow near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam and told the officer that she had been talking with her daughter and slipped over the fog line. She said she was driving slow because she didn’t know the speed limit.

4/11 - A man reported that he saw some kids playing basketball at a vacant house and one of the boys had thrown the ball and broke a window. Police checked to see if they could talk with the kids involved and left word for the mother of one of the boys to call and then the officer tried to contact the owner of the vacant house.

4/13 - Plant Protection called police to say that two men were “acting weird” and looking under bushes and pointing. Police told the men that the “heavily armed security” was nervous at what they were doing. They explained that they were looking under bushes to see if there was any wildlife there.


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