Coulee Crushers come home with metal


Coulee Crushers traveled to Davenport this last weekend with 38 wrestlers participating and coming home with plenty of metal to prove it.

5-6 age brackets: 3rd Wyatt Egbert -40 lbs; 3rd Jhayton Tonasket-55lbs and 3rd Gavin Senator-57 lbs.

7-8 age brackets: 1st William Wentz-88 lbs; 1st Landon Krohn-100 lbs.and 2nd Brit Egbert-58 lbs.  

9-10 age brackets: 1st Robert Thomas -61 lbs; 2nd Ty Williams -90lbs .; 2nd Christian La Plante- 105 lbs; 3rd Johnathan Shelley -87 lbs and 3rd Cameron St Pierre-90 lbs.

11-12 age brackets: 1st Kaleb Horn -88lbs; 1st Tony Nichols- 93 lbs; 1st Steven Flowers- 120 lbs; 2nd Dakota Seylor -93 lbs; 2nd Kayla St Pierre-110 lbs; 3rd Dominic LaPlante-93 lbs; 3rd Sonny Boyd-130 lbs.

The next tournament will be in Coulee City this Saturday, March 30, at 10 a.m., in the school gymnasium.

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