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Healthcare: our downfall?

Letters to the Editor


With all the talk about the health care system and its downfalls I would like to make one very big point that everyone seems to be forgetting: that the whole country doesn’t have any money, so how is this plan supposed to help anybody when there are NO funds to supply it?

Most of the people that are pushing for the present healthcare system are lacking funds to pay for many medical bills, but the entire country is lacking money for some very important projects like law enforcement and emergency crews.

Affordable healthcare for everyone is a very noble idea and one that would benefit the majority of the country, but without revenue to pay for the very expensive medicine, who will actually pay for those bills? We can’t keep digging a hole that we may very well never climb out of. The other types of healthcare in the world are in countries that reformed when they had money to do so. Even though our government is trying, you can’t just make something magnificent out of nothing.

Has everyone forgotten about the old concept of responsibility? This country was built on the idea that you fend for yourself, and that idea has gotten us far. When did everyone want everybody else to share their problem? I believe that until we crawl out of this hole of debt that we created, we cannot afford such pleasantries as universal healthcare for all Americans. Why now, have many said that we need to destroy our country’s principles because of a “new age?” Has all that smartphone usage gone to our heads?

We need to rethink what we want and we need. Until then, we will continue in this tailspin that all this gimmy-gimmy thinking has done to our population. Some of the worst ideas were based on the best intentions. Something has to be done or we will destroy our great nation.

Andrew McClure

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