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Colorama buttons went on sale last week in a number of places in the coulee.

Cost $3. Buying one supports the community’s biggest annual celebration and puts you in position to win a number of good prizes.

Buttons are available at the following business locations: The chamber office, the Star Newspaper, the Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union, H&H Grocery, NCNB, Coulee Hardware, Coulee Medical Center, Coulee Playland, Eagles Lodge, Electric City Bar & Grill, Flo’s Cafe, Funzee’s, Grand Coulee Center Lodge, Harvest Foods, Jack’s Gas Stations, Loepp Furniture, Main Street Salon, Moose Lodge, NAPA Auto Parts, Pepper Jack’s, Senior Center and the Variety Store.


your friend


The Colorama jail is back, and there are people who want to put you in it.

A fund-raising tradition has been revived. For a fee, you can swear out a warrant for your friend’s “arrest.” But in the best tradition of coulee corruption, you can also buy off the law.

Be sure to get your “get out of jail free” card as soon as possible.

If you do, you will save yourself $10. If you don’t, it will cost you $10 to get one of Birdie Hensley’s posse to open the cell door and let you out.

Hensley and her deputies will be out to have a little fun and raise a little money for a proposed community museum.

It works like this: If you’d like to see someone arrested and placed in the Colorama jail, you can do so by contacting one of the deputies and pay the $10 incarceration fee. The deputy will arrest the person and take him or her to the “clink” located near Midway Avenue.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

It will cost them $10 to get out — hence, $20 for the museum.

But you can avoid all that by purchasing a “get out of jail FREE” card from one of the deputies.

That’s one of the smartest buys in the community right now, and it all makes Colorama a little more fun, and benefits the proposed museum.

Deputies are Birdie Hensley, Lonna Bussert, Donna Deckman, Brandie Burns, Darlene Morava, Lynn Rinker, Carolyn Haven and Diane Kohout.


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