Grand Coulee tops trash production


The Regional Board of Mayors met and dismissed their meeting for lack of a quorum Monday afternoon.

Only two of the four mayors showed up, Electric City’s Jerry Sands and Elmer City’s Mary Jo Carey. Both Coulee Dam’s Mayor Quincy Snow and Grand Coulee Mayor Chris Christopherson missed the meeting.

Those attending did hear reports from the Delano Transfer Station.

Grand Coulee produced some 759 tons of material for the transfer station, the leading city in the garbage department. Coulee Dam produced 602 tons of garbage, Electric City, 472 tons and Elmer City 104 tons. Drop boxes produced some 257 tons.

The transfer station served 1,328 residential accounts and 202 commercial accounts in 2012.

In billings, Grand Coulee topped the list of cities with $224,292 in billings; Coulee Dam had $159,655 in billings; Electric City, $108,251 in billings and Elmer City, $26,990 in billings.

The transfer station handled 8.97 tons of recyclable cardboard during 2012.

The mayors group had planned to meet only every other month, but Coulee Dam’s town council failed to ratify the resolution, so the mayors will meet again, Monday, May 6, at 4 p.m. at Electric City City Hall.

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