Some eggs are better


Out of hundreds of Easter egg hunters at the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School athletic field Saturday, a lucky dozen found the eggs with extra prizes hidden by the Lions Club. The club hid or handed out about 2,500 plastic eggs. The entire “hunt,” which included four age categories starting at different times, took nine minutes, but friends and family lingered on the field in perfect weather for some time after. From left, the winners were, among 1- to 3-year-olds: 1st, D.J. Wiggins; 2nd, Chevy Clark; 3rd, Maci Green. 4-5: 1st Nathin Bob; 2nd, Jason Carson; 3rd, Kharma Bird. 6-7: 1st, Kendra Duclos; 2nd, Serenity Brown; 3rd, Cody Espersen. 8-10: 1st, Aehsley Piturachsatit; 2nd, Dakota Parrish; 3rd, Dakota Hernandez.

— Scott Hunter photo


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