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Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee Police

3/19 - An Electric City man known to have a suspended license was stopped and later cited for not having an interlock system on his vehicle. A licensed driver arrived to take charge of the vehicle and the original driver got a court date.

- Police checked on a report of a verbal domestic dispute on Burdin Boulevard and found that a mother and son were arguing about school work and the son threw his laptop. They were advised to keep the noise down.

3/20 - A temporary protection order was served on a woman living in an apartment on Hill Avenue.

- An officer tried to serve a Child Protective Services pick up order on a woman who was supposed to be living at a Coulee Boulevard East location in Electric City. The officer found the house vacant.

- A Coulee Dam woman was stopped because her brake light didn’t work. The officer learned that she didn’t have insurance. She was cited on the insurance issue.

3/21 - A driver was stopped in Electric City because an officer observed that he was crossing the driving lane. He told the officer that he had had a couple of “cold ones.” After agreeing to some field tests for sobriety, the man got agitated and told the officer, “I am not going to do a bunch of tests that I cannot pass.” Then he told the officer it was a good thing that he was stopped, that he could have killed someone. He was cited for driving while under the influence.

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- Police responded to a report that two people in a red truck on Weil were arguing and the noise was disturbing a nearby resident. When the man confronted the pair a verbal altercation occurred. Police found the pair on Spokane Way and instructed the man not to return to the property and told the woman to pick up her property being held at the police station.

- Police confronted a man arguing with his former live-in partner. The man yelled at the officer and was told to put away a long screwdriver he held in his hand. The woman said the dispute was over which owned the television set. She said the man was welcome to things he actually owned. Police suggested a third party work out the exchange of property.

- A woman reported that a man violated a protection order when he came to where she was located at Safeway. The two had a child together. The report of the violation was forwarded to Grant County prosecutor’s office for possible action.

- A 30-year-old man was arrested for second-degree burglary after police found him in a building under construction owned by Jess Ford. The officers found a number of syringes on the man. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

3/25 - Safeway reported that three women pushing a cart had put liquor and chips in the cart and then left the store without paying for them. They were caught on camera and police are trying to identify and find the three.

3/28 - A Middle School official said that a student who is under probation for truancy, rode the bus to school but didn’t show up for classes.

- A 22-year-old woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail for legend drug-prohibited acts after she was caught picking up a prescription not her own. The young woman had a history of getting a pain killer prescription for a relative until the doctor who prescribed the pain killer became suspicious because of the frequency of use.

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- A woman told police that a young girl had called and was looking for her mother. Upon checking on the phone number the officer learned that a young girl had been playing with the phone.

3/29 - A man who was walking near Martin Road was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on two outstanding warrants.

- A Harrington, Wash., driver was stopped after police received a report from a motorist following her that she was “all over the road.” Police could smell a strong scent of marijuana, which the woman readily admitted. Police also found a smoking pipe in her possession. She was cited for driving under the influence and was released to a friend.

3/30 - Police were called to Electric City where it was reported that a man had a flashlight and was shining it in car windows. Police confronted the man, who denied the report.

- A woman living on Boulder Avenue reported that she heard someone in her backyard and jumping off her deck. Police couldn’t find anyone.

- A man from a residence on Lakeview Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had stolen a 140-horsepower Mercury outboard motor from his place. He said it was taken right off his boat.

3/31 - Police arrested a man on Bowen Street for domestic violence after he allegedly had poured beer all over his wife and hit her in the face. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police were called to a residence on Jackson Avenue in Electric City where there was an alleged fight going on. Those at the scene said there had been no fight.

- A Spokane woman who parked illegally in a handicap zone was asked to come out of the store she was in and then informed of the parking violation. On checking the woman’s information, the officer learned the woman had a suspended license. She was cited and a licensed driver took over the car.

- Ephrata police told local officers that they had probable cause to arrest a local driver for trafficking stolen property. Police saw the man driving in the area, arrested him and he went to Grant County Jail.

4/1 - A man living on East Grand Avenue in Electric City told police that someone had entered his house and taken two television sets, a rifle and several other items. He said he thought entry was through the back door.

Coulee Dam Police

3/21 - Officers looked for a reported man with a knife on Tulip Street, but couldn’t find him. Tribal officers were called and Coulee Dam police acted on standby at the man’s residence but he wasn’t located.

3/22 - A driver who backed out into oncoming traffic was issued a citation for not having a valid driver’s license. His vehicle was struck by a Dodge pickup, damaging the front of the pickup and the back portion of a Dodge Ram pickup. A licensed driver moved the Ram pickup.

3/23 - A 20-year-old woman was arrested for violating a no-contact order and taken to Okanogan County Jail. The woman was walking with two other women, one having the no-contact order against her.

3/24 - Police marked the time and date on a vehicle that was left on the Elmer City Access Road. The owner had 24 hours to move the vehicle.

- Homeowners on Aspen, Birch, Camas and Central Drive were advised by police that their properties were in violation of the town’s public nuisance ordinance and that they had five days to correct the problem or they could be subject to a fine of up to $500 a day.

- A man who had stayed at the Coulee House Inn & Suites and kept his key was found in a room not checked out to him at a later date and in possession of a powdery substance and a cooler from another room. The report has been forwarded to Okanogan County prosecutor for possible charging for possession of a controlled substance, theft and criminal trespass.

3/25 - A resident on River Drive was advised by police that their property was in violation of the town’s nuisance ordinance and needed to be cleaned up within five days.

- Police stopped a vehicle with an inoperable license plate light and learned that the man driving had a suspended license. He explained that he was driving for the woman sitting next to him because she was tired. The officer learned that the woman also had a suspended license. Since the pair couldn’t find a licensed driver available to come get the vehicle, the officer had it towed.

3/26 - Police found a man sleeping on a bench on Columbia Avenue. The man, who was apparently intoxicated, told the officer he was just “hanging out.” He requested a ride to the Coulee Dam Casino and was taken there where he tried to contact friends.

- Police found a Mercury partially blocking a traffic lane near Pole Park. The driver said the vehicle was out of gas. An employee of Jack’s Service brought gas to the driver who was able to drive the vehicle away.

3/27 - Two students at Lake Roosevelt High School, a boy and a girl, were turned in by a neighbor at the school for suspicion of smoking marijuana during lunch hour. Police interviewed the two and confiscated a small amount of green, leafy material that tested positive for marijuana. Both had had similar problems in the past and were on probation. The report is being forwarded to Okanogan County Juvenile authorities.

3/28 - A semi-truck was disabled and blocking traffic near the top of the dam. When police arrived the truck was gone.

- In an effort to locate a suspect in a non-related case, an officer contacted a man on Birch Street who had three warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to Okanogan County jail.

3/29 - Police checked on a false alarm at the Colville Tribal Museum on Mead Avenue, but the doors were secure and an examination of the interior didn’t turn up anything.

- An officer parked at Riley Point noticed a woman driving by trying to shield her face. The officer followed and pulled the woman over and found that her license was suspended. A licensed driver came to take charge of the car and the woman got a ticket.

- A driver whose vehicle had a bent license plate was pulled over, and he ran away from the vehicle. Police couldn’t find him, but had the vehicle towed away.

3/30 - Afraid there might be violence, a Trading Post employee advised that an upset man who had lost his job was enroute to a Colville tribal office in Coulee Dam. An officer waited outside the casino and the man arrived, but when he saw the officer he left the area.

3/31 - A man was stopped near the top of the dam because of an inoperable brake light. The officer found that the driver was suspended and issued him a ticket. He got a licensed driver to take charge of the vehicle.


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