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Rule fits chickens and dogs alike


If residents on the farm acreage in Electric City pushed the dog allowance to the maximum, some could have 22 dogs, Mayor Jerry Sands told members of the council at their last meeting.

Councilmember Brad Parrish had asked if the “chicken rule” of six chickens per resident applied to them; Sands said no. Because the farm area is zoned differently, those residents are allowed up to 15 chickens per 5,000 square feet.

When he answered a council question on dogs being on the roadway challenging people as they walked by, Sands explained that the same rules apply to those on acreage, they have to keep them on a leash or penned up.

Then he explained that they could have two dogs per 5,000 square feet, and doing the math in his head, he said some could have as many as 22 dogs.

Sands didn’t think the city would be overrun with either chickens or dogs.

In fact, the “chicken rule” of six per household hasn’t even stirred up the citizenry yet. Only four people have come into city hall to inquire about having chickens.

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