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Grand Coulee Police

3/11 - Police entered a home on Cardinal Road NE because of a report of domestic violence. A couple who had given another couple permission to stay there wanted them to leave. The officer asked the four to work it out, but getting the four to sit down and talk about it didn’t produce the desired result. Police advised dispatch of the attempt.

- A FedEx driver told police that a car that had its front wheels off was blocking the road at Spring Canyon and Plum Point. Police advised Lincoln County officials of the problem.

- Police responded to a two-car accident near North Dam Park. One car had stopped on SR-155 to pick up a woman who was walking along the roadway and was struck by a second car that didn’t stop in time. One person complained of pain and was taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment.

- A man who lives on Washington Place in Electric City told police that someone had cut his chain link fence while he was out of town and that he suspected that they were trying to take his mini-chopper which was in the backyard.

- A man on Banks Avenue told police that someone had entered his home while he and his wife were gone on two occasions. The only things taken were 6-10 doses of hydrocodone. His computer was unhooked but not taken. He was advised to change the locks on his house and not put a key outside where someone could find it.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- A Wellpinit man who was asked to leave the Wolf’s Den bar after he arrived there intoxicated refused to do so. Police learned that he had been asked to leave the night before, also. He was arrested for trespass. When asked his date of birth and middle initial he told the officer he couldn’t remember. He later provided some of the information after being taken to Grant County Jail on the trespass issue and on making false statements to an officer.

3/12 - Police went to milepost 20 on SR-155 to check on a report that someone had tried to run over a woman. The officer learned that a man and woman had been returning from a court appearance and had been in an argument. The woman got out to walk and was bumped by the car. Another motorist stopped and witnessed the incident. Then the driver ran into the door of another vehicle, the driver of which said his elbow was hurting. The incident was turned over to the Washington State Patrol.

3/13 - An Electric City resident on Lakeview Avenue told police that his brother has a drug problem and took $220 from his mother’s purse.

- Staff at Grand Coulee Dam Middle School reported that a student had left the campus without permission. Police found the student near North Dam Park. The student agreed to return to school and the officer turned him over to staff.

3/14 - A person on Spokane Way told police that he had been receiving threatening messages by phone over an alleged $5,000 debt. He said the party stated that they were going to get a gun and blow his head off. Police are investigating.

- A man had police accompany him to a Spokane Avenue home to get three children that he had a court order to take. The mother had received a copy of the court order the day before. After the man retrieved items for the three children, ages 11, 9 and 6, he left with them.

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- Police were called to the Wolf’s Den because a customer there said that another woman threatened to take her outside and beat her up. Later the bartender pointed out a car that the woman who made the threats was in and another officer stopped the car. The driver, a male, was was ticketed for driving under the influence. The officer is requesting that charges be filed against the woman making the threat.

3/15 - Plant Protection reported to police that there was gunfire near North Dam Park. Police went out to the Pleasant Valley area and could hear gunfire but couldn’t locate the parties responsible.

- A woman reported that someone had taken a bench outside the Senior Center and tossed it onto her car. Later it was reported that someone had tipped over a large concrete planter in front of Loepp Furniture. A description was given to police of a man seen in the area about the time of the two incidents.

- A woman driving in front of a patrol car was stopped when the officer noticed that her license tabs had expired. She was cited for that and for not having insurance.

3/16 - Police investigated a death by natural causes at a residence on Hill Avenue. The deceased had a history of health problems.

- Police checked on a report that a theft was taking place at Center School. Police found a man looking through some old chairs. Police asked the man what he was doing, and he said looking at an old chair. The officer advised him to leave the area and he complied.

- A man told police that his wallet had been stolen the night before while he was at the Wolf’s Den. Police checked into the matter and found that the wallet had been left at the tavern and that the night bartender had found it.

- An officer stopped a vehicle when he noticed a wobbling front wheel. The driver said he had run over something the night before and that the brake line was ruptured. He said he was headed to a place in Coulee Dam to fix it. When asked if he had insurance, he couldn’t produce an insurance card and was cited for that. He said he would drive slowly until he got to his location.

- An officer was waved down on Midway Avenue by a pedestrian who said he had just found a cell phone. He gave it to police, who placed it in evidence while the owner was located.

Coulee Dam Police

3/11 - A driver got a warning from an officer for not dimming his bright headlights near Four Corners.

3/12 - Plant Protection told police that there was an abandoned vehicle in the Visitor Center parking lot, and not just on the lot but in the crosswalk. The Bureau of Reclamation sent a crew to put safety cones around the car.

- Police checked on a two-vehicle, no-injury accident on Spokane Way. A driver of a Coulee Dam Plumbing van backed into a 1993 Ford Tempo. The two parties exchanged insurance information. There was no estimate of damage to the two vehicles.

3/15 - Police noticed a man known to have a suspended license driving his Chevrolet truck near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. He was stopped and cited for driving while his license was suspended for not paying fines. The man called a friend who came and took charge of the vehicle.

- Police checked on a report of a vehicle prowl on Central Drive.

3/16 - Police went to a residence on Fir Street to help load a patient into the ambulance. Police followed the ambulance to Coulee Medical Center where they assisted in unloading the patient.

3/17 - Police stopped a vehicle whose tabs were expired and found a driver whose license had been suspended and who didn’t have an ignition interlock as required. He was arrested and a licensed driver was called to take charge of the vehicle.

- Police checked on a 911 hang-up call from a residence on Columbia Avenue. The woman answering the door stated that she had made a mistake in dialing. When officers questioned her, she asked why they were “harassing” her. She told the officers “you can leave now.” She told the officer that he could come in if he wanted to and look around, but when the officer started inside she withdrew the offer. The officer checked and found no wants on her, so he left the residence.


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