March 13, 2013 | LXXII, No. 50

Coulee Crushers tear 'em up at first tournament in Wilbur

The Coulee Crushers wrestling team started their 20th season with 48 wrestlers competing. The tournament took place in Wilbur March 9 with the following Crushers bringing home medals.

Coulee Crushers tear ‘em up at first tournament in Wilbur

5-6 age brackets: 1st Gage Olbricht-77 lbs.; 2nd Jayton Caddy-55 lbs.; 3rd Wyatt Egbert-41 lbs.

7-8 age brackets: 1st Jaimie Senator-91 lbs,; 2nd Charlie Harris -58 lbs.; 2nd Austin Moore- 66 lbs; 2nd William Wentz- 88lbs; 2nd Landon Krohn-100 lbs.; 3rd Teyten Flores-58 lbs.; 3rd Brit Egbert-58 lbs.

9-10 age brackets: 1st Cameron St Pierre, 2nd Tyler Palmer, 2nd Christian LaPlante- 150 lbs; 3rd Robert Thomas- 61 lbs.; 3rd Johnathan Shelley- 87 lbs.; 3rd Aleeka Smith-78 lbs.; 3rd Ty Williams -90 lbs.

11-12 age brackets: 1st Dalton Kentner-160 lbs.; Steven Flowers -115 lbs.; 1st Dominic LaPlante -95 lbs.; 1st Tony Nichols-90 lbs.; 2nd Sonny Boyd 2nd Dakota Seylor -94 lbs; 2nd Kayla StPierre - 110 lbs; 2nd Reese Caddy- 100 lbs.

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