Recovered truck theft still costly


The theft of a school district food service truck is costing the district over $8,500, according to a Grand Coulee Police Department report issued last Thursday.

The truck was stolen during the weekend of Feb. 9-11, and found the following Tuesday abandoned along the I-5 corridor near Seattle.

Two district employees were dispatched to Seattle to retrieve the truck, and after getting a new battery for the truck, were able to get it home.

The trip, and the tow bill for pulling the truck to an impound yard, cost the district $1,379.50, according to the report.

The big ticket item that turned up missing was a 48-inch warming oven that had been in the rear of the truck, a $4,500 loss.

The thieves used the truck to haul a bunch of salvage metals and a stainless steel fryer, with an estimated value of $2,000.

Police are trying to find where the thieves salvaged the materials.

The materials taken for salvage were locked in a chained fence enclosure. Thieves took the gate off and used the stolen truck to haul the materials away. The value of the salvage materials, including the fryer, came to $2,685, police stated.

It wasn’t clear how much of the loss is covered by insurance.

Thieves broke the lock on the truck door and used a screwdriver to turn the ignition. They had peeled the steering column and Washington State Patrol reports show that there were a bunch of plastic toys scattered in the front seat. The toys had been taken from a locked Head Start location near the back of Center School, near where the truck was located.

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Police Chief Mel Hunt stated that he had some interesting parties that his department was checking out.


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