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Grand Coulee


2/12 - An official with the Head Start program at Center School told police that someone had taken the lock off a storage shed where games and toys are stored. Nothing was taken, the report stated. It was thought that the entry was at the same time as a number of metal items was taken from a fenced-in area near the kitchen.

- USBR Plant Protection asked police to check on a vehicle on Bureau of Reclamation property near the fish pens in Electric City. Police checked on the vehicle but couldn’t connect with the owner.

- A 10-year-old girl told officials at the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School that she had been assaulted by another student. Another girl was suspended for three days and police are forwarding a report to Grant County juvenile authorities.

- The owner of CJ’s Storage reported to police that someone had cut locks on two units. Nothing was reported taken.

2/14 - A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that her 13-year-old daughter was a runaway. She said the girl left home with a friend the day before. The missing girl is 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs 140 pounds, the woman told police.

- A woman on Second Street in Electric City told police that a person they had a no-contact order against was texting them. Police found that there was a glitch and the no-contact order had never been issued. The party was told how to pursue a no-contact order.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

2/16 - A man was told to move his vehicle from a handicapped parking stall in front of the Electric City Pub because he didn’t have a handicapped card.

- A woman wanted on a felony warrant was arrested at a home on Burdin Boulevard and taken to Grant County Jail.

2/17 - A woman at the Wolf’s Den told police that a woman with purple hair had called her a “skinhead” and dug her fingernails into her wrist. Police are looking for the woman with purple hair.

- A homeless man was seen walking in the vicinity of Park and Jackson in Electric City and was carrying a knife. An officer told him to drop the knife and he complied. Later the same day the man was found lying under a bush near the entrance to Coulee Playland. He told the officer that he was just taking a break.

2/18 - A man walked into the police station and asked if there were any warrants for him. He did, and he was whisked off to jail.

- Police checked on a reported disturbance on Federal Avenue and found a couple chasing two dogs that had gotten loose.

- A man on Third Street reported to police that he had found the head and hide of a female deer and thought it might have been poached. A report was made to the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Coulee Dam


2/11 - A Coulee Dam woman told police that she had opened a bank account eight months ago and gave a friend permission to use the account to cash payroll checks. She said the friend lived in Brooklyn and she met him on a dating website. She said she went to use her debit card and was referred to the fraud department. She said she had never spoken to the male friend in person. The woman said that no money is missing from her account. The bank is investigating.

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- A woman on River Drive told police that two males and a female walked by her home yelling curse words. She said she didn’t know if an assault had taken place. Police couldn’t find them.

2/12 - A woman was stopped near Riley Point for having a faulty headlamp. It was found that the woman’s license had been suspended. She was cited for that and for driving without a valid license. A person with a valid license came to take charge of the car.

2/14 - A person on Central Drive told police of a suspicious bag near his driveway. He explained that he and his neighbor didn’t get along and he was concerned about the bag. The officer determined that there was just garbage in the bag.

2/15 - Police heard over dispatch that there was a person at Coulee Dam Casino that needed medical attention. When police arrived the person had already been transported by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center.


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