Elmer City looks for engineer


Elmer City is advertising for consulting engineering firms to provide professional services for wastewater treatment planning.

The request also covers an analysis of its existing system, hydro-geological investigations, evaluation of treatment alternatives and preparation of a wastewater treatment plan and subsequent design and construction engineering and inspection for wastewater facility upgrades.

The request is in regard to the town’s plan to have parallel planning tracks. While working with Coulee Dam on its plan to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, Elmer City is looking into pursuing a plan of its own. The small town just north of Coulee Dam contributes about a quarter of the flow through Coulee Dam’s plant, which needs an upgrade.

The request stated that the plan might be funded by a Community Development Block Grant Program provided by funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development, USDA-Rural Development, Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State Public Works Trust Fund, Indian Health Services, Environmental Protection Agency and other state and federal funding programs.

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An engineering firm will be considered for selection based on the firm’s overall qualifications, experience, personnel, professional reputation, and experience with funding programs, an advertisement in the newspaper stated.


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