Council member: Bushes in bad place


Those moonglow junipers in Electric City continue to get bad reviews.

Since planting 196 of the trees along SR-155 as it winds through the center of Electric City, some dozen have already been removed, and if Brad Parrish of the city council has his way, more will be removed.

Parrish has been complaining about having sight view of approaching cars when coming onto the state highway from the street across from H&H Grocery.

The tree in question will be taken out, city officials stated, as soon as weather permits.

The city planted the trees in 2003, as then mayor Ray Halsey made an attempt to make the drive through the city more pleasant by lining the route with the junipers.

Since that time the junipers have overgrown some locations and have been a constant source of complaints from people who have trouble seeing oncoming highway traffic when they try to enter SR-155.

The junipers and their irrigation system were part of a contract that included a major paving project in the city. The juniper portion of the project was about $70,000, city officials stated.

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