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1/29 - An Electric City man living on W. Grand Avenue had a refrigerator outside his house and the city was concerned that it might attract kids. When inspected, the homeowner had the refrigerator secured so you couldn’t get into it. The refrigerator was moved to a storage shed.

- Police were advised that a renter at a residence on Division had reported to the homeowner that a shop door on the property had been kicked in. The owner checked the shop and couldn’t see anything missing.

- Police checked on a vehicle parked at the Wilson Construction trailer after hours and found two employees, one of which was in training, at the site.

- Police checked on men who were in the canal area by North Dam Park and found that they were out checking on how thick the ice was. They were told that the area was closed at dusk. They left the area.

1/30 - While returning from taking a prisoner to Grant County Jail, an officer hit a deer near mile post 4. Another officer from Grand Coulee, also taking a prisoner to Ephrata, came by to assist the first officer. The deer was killed on impact.

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- Police checked on a 911 hang-up call at the Gold House Inn and found a man who was in violation of a no-contact order, and a woman wanted on a felony warrant out of the Department of Corrections. The two were arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Officers were notified of a domestic violence issue on Hill Avenue. Upon arrival police found a woman outside an apartment who stated that she was locked out of her apartment. Officers learned that there was a warrant out for the woman’s husband who also occupied the apartment. Officers were let into the apartment by the manager. Upon searching, they found a large lump in an upstairs bed. When the cover was pulled down, officers found the man wanted on the warrant. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A person from Coulee Boulevard West in Electric City reported that someone had taken a half gallon of gas from a container inside his vehicle.

1/31- A woman on Wetzel Street reported to police that she had received a phone call saying that the caller was going to kick her aunt’s butt.

2/1 - Police responded to a call that three children were going out in traffic near “E” Street and SR-174 trying to stop cars. Police found the three and told them to stay safe and keep out of the roadway.

2/2 - Police went to Jackson Avenue in Electric City to check on a vacated vehicle that had its roof caved in and windows broken out. Efforts to obtain information on the vehicle from the Department of Licensing were unsuccessful. It was determined that the vehicle was only good for scrap.

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- A woman was stopped after an officer noticed she was speaking on her cell phone while driving. She denied speaking on her cell phone, and could not furnish a driver’s license, registration or proof of insurance. She said the items were at her house just a block away. The officer followed her to her house and she was only able to furnish a driver’s license. She was cited for not having insurance and warned on other offenses.

- A Coulee Dam man was issued a citation for speeding and not having insurance after he was stopped in the “S” curves on Alcan Road for going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone. He said he had just had an argument with his girlfriend and was driving to get away from her.

- When a driver was pulled over for speeding on Martin Road, he told the officer, “you caught me.” He said he was low on gas and coasting down the hill. He was cited for speeding and not having his driver’s license on his person.

- Police checked on a 911 hangup call on Sunset Drive in Electric City. In a follow up, it was learned that there had been a fall at the residence, but no assistance was necessary.

- A man living at Sunset Avenue in Electric City reported that his pickup had been stolen. Officers found that he was wanted on two arrest warrants. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

2/3 - A clerk at the Variety Store asked that a woman be banned from the store after an alleged theft that had occurred earlier. Police advised the woman if she went into the store again she could be arrested.

- A man reported that a woman at the skateboard park was yelling obscenities at passing motorists. Police advised the woman to stop the disturbance. Later, the same woman was reported to be seated on the guardrail between North Dam Park and Coulee Playland beating on the guardrail. The report stated that the woman was wearing a black bra or a real small top.

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1/31 - A 19-year-old woman asked police help recover some of her personal items from the home of her mother, who had a no-contact court order to prevent her daughter from contacting her. The young woman said she had a court order permitting her to gain her belongings. Police were unable to contact the mother and plan on getting clarification from the court.

2/1 - A driver lucked out and got only a verbal warning for having expired tabs on his vehicle.

- Two drivers, one for having a tail light out and one for having a headlamp out, were given warnings by an officer.


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