ACH track athletes to practice with LR


The Grand Coulee Dam School District board debated Monday whether to allow ACH (Almira/Coulee/Hartline) athletes to train with Lake Roosevelt track athletes.

And ACH won, but only after a debate that ended with a split school board vote.

Last season, ACH athletes were allowed attend practice at the district track to train with Lake Roosevelt athletes, but compete for ACH at events. And from reports, everything went smoothly.

The issue came up at Monday night’s meeting when an agenda item asked for a two-year extension of the practice.

Board Member Ted Piccolo spoke out immediately against the practice.

“They take time away from our coaches focusing on our own athletes,” Piccolo argued.

Chair Joette Barry shot back, “With all the bad publicity our school district gets, we should show people that we can welcome others here.”

Susan Chaffee said she thought it was a “win, win” situation.

Barry and Piccolo exchanged views again with Piccolo saying, “Don’t you think I feel that way about our kids” also?

Board member Ken Stanger brought the discussion to an end when he moved to welcome ACH track athletes to the Lake Roosevelt practices. Four voted for the measure, with Piccolo voting against it.

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