Burglary takes cash from golf course


A safe with an estimated $2,800 inside was taken from Banks Lake Golf Course during the night hours Monday.

Thieves dragged the 300-pound safe out the back door after gaining entry with a crowbar, police stated.

The loss was discovered by Port District 7 Commissioner Orville Scharbach, along with Mike Parisian. The port district operates the golf course and Parisian is an employee.

Grand Coulee Police Chief Mel Hunt said the safe was dragged across the floor and through the same entry door. Police suspect that there had to be at least two people involved.

Police found two sports drinks on the desk in the office. They were taken as evidence.

Hunt said one possible fingerprint was found on the cash register in the club bar.

Police took pictures of footprints in the snow just outside the entry door. The door frame, moulding and deadbolt were all damaged. The entryway was repaired by Port Commissioner Jerry Birdwell.

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