Chicken recommendation heads to city council


You might get a “cackle” out of this.

The chickens could come home to roost in Electric City sometime this spring.

The city council will likely take the issue up Feb. 12, after a favorable recommendation from the planning commission.

While the greater issue of “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” won’t be part of the city’s determination, how many chickens you can have will.

If the council passes the chicken ordinance, residents who live on at least 6,000-square-foot lots will be allowed six chickens, all hens. There will be no roosters crowing in Electric City.

City Clerk Jackie Perman stated that Electric City is taking a page from Grand Coulee’s ordinance, which also allows for chickens.

Chickens won’t be allowed to run free, and any chicken coops or pens must be 10 feet from the property line.

The chicken issue came to light last year when resident Jeremy Miller went to the council to admit that he had some chickens and wondered if the city would allow it. Miller reportedly farmed his chickens out so he wouldn’t be in violation of the current law. He may soon be able to bring them back.

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Several people have appeared before the council in support of chickens in town.

Even members of the council haven’t “chickened out” on the issue, and have made favorable comments on behalf of chickens.

Councilmember Brad Parrish brought the issue up last Tuesday and learned that the planning commission has bumped the issue along to council.

City “fresh” eggs, anyone?


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