Educating the whole person

Letters to the Editor


To educate the whole person, you must develop fully the mind, the body and the spirit. Are our schools (public and private) doing this?

Consider these facts:

• HS School dropout rates vary from 30-50 percent.

• Students graduating from HS oftentimes require at least one year of remedial education at Community College to meet entry requirements.

• Science and mathematics skills are dreadful (elem-HS).

• Obesity is indication of poor physical fitness and health.

• Stress abounds due to poor priority choices and prevalence of constant assaults from TV, HiFi devices, cell phones.

• Excessive use of computer devices, calculators has bypassed need for understanding basic mathematical concepts.

• Not developing spiritual needs has led to children not understanding true “right from wrong” due to emphasis on such tactics as “time out,” “self-esteem,” “win-win,” grade inflation and relative morality.

• 75 percent of those applying to serve in our armed services are unable to pass simple entrance requirements or aren’t qualified for job vacancies.

What would happen if?

• The Ten Commandments were posted in school buildings and every student was required to understand their meanings?

• Physical education truly required sound exercise by all students for one hour period a day?

• A course in civics and US government was required of all HS students for graduation?

• Shop, home economics, apprenticeships were offered for those not seeking college?

• Homework was necessary for all classes?

• Fail all students who do not meet class standards?

Maybe Columbine, Newtown and the horrible things that are happening today could be lessened. Every child/person knowing “right from wrong” is imperative, that it’s wrong to kill, steal, and lie. Promoting the good of the community instead of the individual could be beneficial. Physical exercise would improve mental health. A reasonable amount of homework would teach personal prioritizing of individual time outside of school time as well as contribute to knowledge.

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Parents also should realize that they have responsibilities to provide educational opportunities for learning in home. Schools and society cannot provide the love and environment required to raise future citizens and parents. Manners and respect for adults are required of all children.

With all the funding education gets you would expect a bigger “bang for the buck.” Additional dollars for schools cannot solve the problem of “Education of the whole person.” The spirit cannot be ignored by school and community!

Bill Miller

Almira, Wash.


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