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12/23 - Police responded to a possible domestic fight at a residence on Electric Avenue in Electric City and learned that the disagreement was verbal rather than physical. The man at that address said he would go stay with his parents that evening so there wouldn’t be any continuance of the disagreement.

- Officers went to the Eagles Lodge area on an alarm call and found that it was coming from the lodge building. They could not detect any entrance problem and tried to call the party responsible for the building, but they didn’t answer.

- Police received a phone call that there were cattle on the second fairway at the golf course. A rancher recently put some 20 cattle in a pasture area adjacent to the golf course. Police looked for the animals but couldn’t find any.

- A Nespelem man was being sought after a bartender at the Wolf’s Den said she was threatened by him after she refused him service because he was intoxicated.

- Police noticed a wanted man entering Safeway. He told police that he had cleared the warrant up. Police checked and found that the warrant was still active and confronted him as he got in line in the store. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

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12/24 - An Electric City woman called police to report that her daughter, who had multiple warrants out for her arrest, was at the home. Police went to the address, but the daughter had already left.

- Lincoln County authorities asked for help in locating a vehicle that had hit a deer near milepost 24 on SR-174. Police found a blood spot on the roadway, but the vehicle had left the area.

12/25 - A man who lives on Cardinal Road in Delano was stopped, and charges of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and driving while license was suspended have been recommended to the county prosecutor’s office.

- A report of a dog being hit by a vehicle brought police to the corner of Dill Avenue and Knute Street. No dog was found.

- Police received reports that there were people living in a vacant house on Jackson Avenue in Electric City and had been for a week or two. The homeowner had advertised the house for rent, but when a prospective renter went to the house, they called and told the owner that it had been trashed. The owner, who lives in Las Vegas, told police she planned to come to the area, clean the house and get it ready to rent. Police planned to patrol the area.

- An Elmer City driver, whose registration had expired last March, was pulled over and the officer found the man had a suspended license. A licensed driver was summoned and took control of the car and the violator was ticketed.

12/26 - Police checked on a vehicle that was blocking SR-174, and found a local driver out of gas. The woman told police that she didn’t have money for gas. Police obtained a gas voucher from a local church and gave it to the woman.

- A local man riding his motorcycle in the 500 Switchyard area was advised by police that the area was off limits. He left.

12/27 - A man living on First Street was advised that the size of his outdoor fire exceeded the lawful limit. He was advised to put it out.

- A Coulee Dam woman was stopped when an officer noted that her vehicle license tabs had expired. She also couldn’t provide proof of insurance and was ticketed on both counts.

12/28 - An officer heard on the radio that there had been an assault by a person with a knife at the Coulee House Motel in Coulee Dam and went there to possibly assist. The officer learned the name of the suspect and told the Coulee Dam officer that he was known to them. The Grand Coulee officer printed a picture of the suspect and gave it to the Coulee Dam officer.

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- A man who gives his address as Banner, Wyo., and is well known to police here, was stopped for driving while his license was suspended. It was the third time this has occurred here and the man had one such ticket from Wyoming. Police are requesting the county prosecutor make charges because the man, the report stated, “has shown his inability and unwillingness to comply.”

- A Coulee Dam woman wanted on a warrant was found in Jack’s Four Corners, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman on Kelso Avenue in Electric City told police that she saw a man in her backyard swinging a large knife around. She said when he saw her looking, he ran off. Later, she told police that she looked out again and saw a male in her backyard, but was unable to tell if it was the same man. Police have added patrols in the area.

12/29 - Department of Fish & Wildlife asked police to help transport three prisoners to county jail. The Fish & Wildlife agents stated that they had seized both the prisoners’ boat and pickup.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard reported that there was a man walking down the street with a gun. Police confronted the man, who said he got the BB gun for Christmas and planned to sell it.

- A woman on Palmer Street in Electric City reported a loud bang. She said she couldn’t tell whether it was fireworks or a gun.

- A man on Lakeview in Electric City was told to stop shooting off illegal fireworks in the city. He said he would comply.

12/30 - An Elmer City wanted on a warrant was stopped, arrested and taken to jail. Added charges of not having an interlock system installed were added.

- An officer was called because a man was on the ground near Western Avenue and SR-155. He told police that a man had beat him up over a girl. He refused a ride to the hospital. He said he wanted to go to his father’s house in Electric City and that he would sew him up. A 911 call later from the other party stated that he was hurt and couldn’t make it to his parent’s house. He was given the ride.

- While conducting a traffic stop, an officer noticed a man in the back seat wanted on a warrant. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman arrived at the police station and told officers that her boyfriend had thrown her out of the house. The report stated that the woman had red marks on her head and had a blanket wrapped around her legs. Police went to the residence and found that the boyfriend and the woman had been drinking and he was upset, according to her, because he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. She admitted to striking the man and was arrested and taken to Grant County jail on a domestic violence charge.

12/31 - A driver was stopped because her license light was out and the officer found a woman with a suspended license. She had earlier been caught driving and lied to police that a purse in the front seat wasn’t hers. Police are asking the prosecutor to file charges against her.

1/3 - A man reported to police that a strange man just walked up to his house and entered. When he saw the family dog, he turned and left. The man said his wife didn’t have her glasses on so couldn’t identify the man. The incident occurred on E. Coulee Boulevard in Electric City.

- A man who lives on West Grand Avenue in Electric City asked police what he could do about a fifth wheel camper parked in front of his home. Police determined that the camper was parked on private property and they couldn’t do anything about it.

1/5 - A Coulee City woman working at the Tropical Pig was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on a warrant after an officer observed her behind the counter.

- An Airway Heights driver was stopped near Butler and SR-155 for going 65 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was issued a $298 ticket.

- A woman advised police that a shop on E. Grand Avenue in Electric City had its door open and lights on. Police checked on the location and finally someone came to close the shop door and advise that nothing was taken.

- A dispute on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City brought officers to the scene. A Second Street resident had confronted a driver he thought was driving too fast and allegedly went onto the man’s property and threatened him. Police are asking the county prosecutor to file disorderly conduct charges against the Second Street resident.

1/7 - Police were called by a private party about a school bus sliding on the slick roadway on “F” Street. The bus finally got traction and cleared the area.

- Police checked on a report of an intoxicated man on Continental Heights. Police found the subject and transported him to where he said he lived, and he told the officer it wasn’t the right place. The man then walked up to the Trail West Motel.

- A Stevens Avenue man from Coulee Dam was arrested on a DUI charge after being reported by a party on Western Avenue. A charge of reckless driving was added to the offense. The vehicle was towed.

- At a reported burglary in progress on Jackson Avenue in Electric City an officer found the property owner, who stated she was there to get the house ready for rent.

1/8 - A driver pulled over for expired license tabs was cited for driving while under the influence and his vehicle towed after the officer noticed an open alcohol container in the vehicle.

Coulee Dam Police

1/1 - Police observed a man lighting fireworks on Pine Street. The officer advised the man that it was unlawful to light fireworks inside the city. He said he would refrain from lighting fireworks.

- Police checked on a 911 call from the Coulee Dam Casino, but when they went there, no one knew who had called.

- A vehicle was stopped for a faulty headlamp and police found that the driver didn’t have insurance and the driver’s license had been suspended.

- A man told police that a squatter was walking around the area. The caller thought he was suspicious and looking for things to steal. Police looked for the man but couldn’t find him.

- A man on Civic Way told police that a neighbor’s dog comes into his yard, barks at members of his family, shows its teeth, and acts aggressively. Police tried to contact the owner, but he wasn’t home.

1/2 - A vehicle was pursued because of expired license tabs and the driver went through several residential streets going 50 mph. The driver finally pulled over and then ran from officers. Two people in the car identified the driver and police learned he was wanted on a felony warrant. Police drove the area but couldn’t find the driver.

- Police were called to assist Tribal Police on a call to the Coulee Dam Casino where a woman and her daughter had been in an argument. The mother said the argument was over the girl not taking her medication. The daughter said the argument was over a boyfriend. Police gave the daughter a courtesy ride home.

1/3 - A man living on River Drive advised police that when he returned home he found that someone had taken nearly one-quarter cord of wood from his woodpile. Neighbors stated that they didn’t see anything.

1/5 - A man was stopped because his license tabs had expired six months earlier. The officer could see that the driver had been drinking. The driver responded to the officer by saying, “You’re arresting me because I am a Colville Indian, you honky pig.” The man got a ticket for the license tab infraction, for having no insurance and for driving while intoxicated.


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