Wild animals hungry, so keep yours inside


Please, for those of you living in the areas of Washington state where we had all the fires! The coyotes are starving! Their food supply was killed off (rabbits, mice, moles), so they are going after outside animals, anything they can kill and carry off!

My doctor watched her cat get killed yesterday morning and it’s broken her heart! Please, please, I'm begging you keep your small animals inside or small dogs on a leash; these wild critters are hungry!

She ran out in the ice and snow barefoot yelling at the coyote but it was sadly too late! When I got home I had two more calls from people saying coyotes had killed their pets. I have been telling people since the fires [that] winter was going to be dangerous for this reason for small pets! Please keep them inside where its safe.

I posted this on Facebook after having several people tell me sad stories of their cats and dogs and chickens being killed by eagles and coyotes. These animals are looking for another food source for winter. Please have people keep their small dogs and even all dogs on a leash and all cats inside. I see a lot of people walking their dogs, and a coyote can snatch a dog, kill it and be gone before you know what hit you. My doctor watched her small cat get taken by a coyote on Wednesday and since I have had people call me asking what they can do. I have told people ALL summer, keep them inside; these animals need to eat, and sadly it’s our pets that are available.

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Mardee Davis


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