Article inspired support for deer


I want to thank you for the article and the pictures of my deer feeding project. People have been so kind, stopping me to visit in Safeway, sending me notes, asking about them when they meet me out and about. Many gave me contributions toward keeping them through the winter.

Right now they are all in good shape, coats good, no ribs showing, frisky and on time every day for breakfast and supper. The fawns are holding up well, the bucks are busy chasing each other away from the best food.

I have five big red squirrels and two small black ones of a different specie who love the peanuts I put out.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and watch. The best plan is to arrive about four in the afternoon and wait quietly. They will usually arrive as dusk begins to fall.

Thanks again for the article, the pictures and the interest and support inspired by the Star.

Carol Netzel

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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