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Grand Coulee Police

12/17 - An Electric City woman who left her purse unattended while she used a restroom at Coulee Medical Center reported it missing. She said she forgot to pick it up when she left the restroom and when she returned for it, the purse was gone.

- A man reported that a dog wearing a sweater was sitting in the middle of the road near NAPA Auto Parts. The man surmised that the dog might be lost. Police checked the area, but the dog was gone.

- Police checked on a 911 call from a home on “D” Street. No one was home and the officer’s report suggested a faulty phone line for the call.

12/19 - USBR Plant Protection advised police of a suspicious circumstance near the canal at North Dam. Cameras showed a man running through the area. Police responded, but couldn’t find anyone.

- A Rhode Island man driving a rental car applied his brakes to slow as he was coming down Spokane Way from SR-174, and his vehicle slid up against a power pole causing damage to both the front and back doors.

- A man on West Grand Coulee Avenue was told to stop riding his snowmobile on SR-174. He asked the officer if it wasn’t okay to drive on the highway and the officer said no.

- Police responded to a dispatch report that there were people walking in the W. Grand Ave., area in Electric City. Police arrived on the scene and the two officers searched the area but couldn’t find anyone.

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