City budgets $32,500 from tourist tax

Will retain $227,500 in fund


Electric City shot the rest of its hotel/motel budget for 2013, at its meeting last Tuesday night.

The city council Dec. 11, held to its policy of budgeting just half of what it took in during 2012, and putting the other half into its hotel/motel reserve fund.

In its 2013 budget, the city grants just over $20,000 to the Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce; $6,000 to Coulee Area Park & Recreation District for North Dam Park maintenance; $5,300 to the Ridge Riders; and $1,200 to the Coulee Corridor Consortium.

The city took in about $66,000 in hotel/motel taxes in 2012.

Even with those expenses, the city shows in its 2013 budget, it retains $227,200 in its hotel/motel tax reserve fund.

Last Tuesday night Ridge Rider Vice President Monty Fields appeared before council asking for $13,450 to support another aggressive Ridge Rider calendar.

There was no discussion of the council changing its policy and making more funds available to the Ridge Riders. That organization got $4,000 last year.

The Ridge Rider calendar for 2013, calls for the Colorama Rodeo, a bull riding event, a riding clinic and two ranch rodeos.

Fields told the council that the Colorama Rodeo made about $1,200, and all the other events cost money.

Fields indicated that the Ridge Riders plan to ask Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam councils the same amount requested from Electric City.

Former council member Birdie Hensley spoke for the Coulee Corridor Consortium for a $1,200 grant, which the council readily approved.

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