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Grand Coulee Police

12/10 - Police checked with a woman on Burdin Boulevard to see if her runaway daughter had returned. The woman said that the daughter had returned and run away a couple of times since, but was back now. Her name was taken off the runaway list.

- A Coeur d’Alene man told police that someone had taken his wallet from his truck and it held $502. The man accused a worker at an area business of taking it, but police couldn’t prove who might have taken it.

- Police checked on a report that a man wearing no pants was walking in the vicinity of SR-174 and Burdin Blvd. An officer went to the location and checked by the grain elevators, where he found a woman dancing by herself. Her hair was closely cropped and she was wearing a long skirt. Police could not find anyone else.

- A vehicle was stopped because police knew the owner of the rig had a suspended license. The officer found that the driver wasn’t the owner and couldn’t produce registration or proof of insurance. The driver got a warning for the registration problem and a citation for the insurance violation.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

12/11 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that several persons were near the log boom at North Dam fishing after hours. Police found five individuals, all properly licensed to fish, who were advised it was after hours for being in that area. The five individuals left.

- A person told police that he had been confronted by a party near the fish pens in Electric City who asked him since he was in a boat to retrieve some arrows that were in the lake nearby. The reporting party told police that if the man shooting the arrows was missing his target that far then it was dangerous for him to shoot the arrows.

- Police answered a 911 call on Bowen Street and learned that a woman and her daughter had been in a fight and the mother had sustained injuries, including bite marks on her arm. Police are asking juvenile authorities to review charges in the case.

12/12 - Police went to an address on Park Avenue in Electric City to check on a woman who had been in an argument with her husband. She told police that she and her husband had been in an emotional discussion and had agreed to remain on opposite sides of the residence.

12/12 - A woman at a residence on Main Street was arrested and taken to Grant County jail afer a disturbance where she allegedly spit in a tenant’s face and threw a space heater at the woman.

12/13 - A man reported that he was sitting in the Electric City Bar and Grill when a man whom he planned to testify in a court case came into the business and threatened him. He told police that the man was unstable and he was afraid for his life.

- Police told some hunters on Kruk Road that they were inside the Electric City limits and couldn’t hunt there. The hunters said they had been hunting in that area since the 1980s and were not aware that it had been annexed.

- Police served an order of protection on a woman and stood by while she removed articles from a residence.

- A 14-year-old boy faces juvenile authorities on charges of use of drug paraphernalia and making false statements to a law officer. The boy refused to give a can to officials at the middle school, but later told the officer where the can was located. The can was used to smoke marijuana. He refused to say where he got the marijuana.

12/15 - Plant Protection requested a canine dog to inspect a Santa located inside the dam. Later officials called to cancel the request saying that some workers were transporting the Santa and placing it in different places around the dam.

12/16 - Police checked on a minor two-car accident in Electric City on the corner of Electric Boulevard and Grand Avenue East. One vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and the other driver couldn’t avoid hitting him because of slick roads.

Coulee Dam Police

12/5 - A patrol officer was called to assist EMS staff help lift a sick man into an ambulance on Civic Way.

12/10 - A woman who operates a shop on Mead Avenue told police that a ring she valued at $2,100 had been taken from her shop. She explained that she had taken the ring off and laid it on a table. Two women came into the shop and after they left she noticed the ring was missing. Police questioned the women, but both have said they didn’t take the ring.

12/11 - Dispatch advised an officer that a wounded deer was located in the road near the upper Visitor Center parking lot. The officer dragged the deer off the highway, and put it out of its misery, and called city workers to pick the carcass up.

- An officer stopped a woman because her vehicle had expired tabs. She told the officer that she was on her way to renew her tabs, and then said she didn’t have insurance because she couldn’t afford it. She got a $550 ticket on the insurance problem.

12/13 - A man on Tilmus told police of a barking dog that woke him up. Police arrived in the area and found a small black dog with curly short hair and a collar with the name “Buffy” on it. The officer called the number on the collar and left word of the incident.

12/15 - A woman driving a car with a defective brake light was stopped and received a ticket for not having proof of insurance. She told the officer that her insurance card was in her truck. The officer checked and found that the woman had earlier received a warning on not having proof of insurance with her.


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