Volunteer of the year nomination: Hillary Carriere


Although not a local resident, I would like to make a nomination for your volunteer of the year.

As you are aware, TriFreaks puts on a rather large event in the Grand Coulee area annually in September. Although we have many volunteers in the community, there is always one that truly shines.

With an event that requires so much time and commitment, the high school students come out and shine every year. In 2011 I had the honor of meeting a particular student by the name of Hillary Carriere. She was an amazing volunteer, taking charge of the other students getting things rolling.

This last September, again, Hillary is at our finish below the Dam promptly at 6:30 a.m. Taking time to introduce me to the students that had graciously volunteered their time, she again went to work so quickly. With her positive attitude and her organizational skills, she was my right hand girl in ensuring the finish was up and ready.

It didn’t stop there after working with me for a few hours; we went out to the run course as she helped me deliver all of the aid station supplies. Once all the supplies were delivered, she and her team headed to their station that she has run for now three years. Throughout the day I did checks on our volunteers on the course; as always her team had music going and were cheering on our athletes.

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Staying until the wee hours of the morning, Hillary for her third year in a row, cheered, played music and “partied” with our athletes for an amazing 17.5 hours! Her commitment was and is amazing and kept our athletes going!

When I think of that event I thank Cathy Krohn with the high school every time for sending us some pretty amazing students, and an extra thanks for sending us Hillary. She is truly a great and giving volunteer! Thank you for taking the time to read our nomination for your volunteer of the year!

Stefan Newbury and

Dana Barkdull

TriFreaks Inc.


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