Volunteer of the year nomination: Fern Blaylock

Letters to the Editor


Fern Blaylock is my nominee for Volunteer of the Year 2012.

I had the privileged opportunity to work with Fern for a couple of months at the beginning of the school where she was a volunteer riding everyday on the school bus that I drove.

Fern is amazing. Besides riding as a volunteer monitor on a school bus for four hours a day, which is a challenging job by itself, she also spent the day working with students at school as a foster grandmother. On top of all that, she still took out time to keep the food bank going. It is my perception that Fern works harder for our community and our children than many people who get paid.

Every child who has had opportunity to be taught by Fern is very fortunate. Fern has high expectations for every student. Therefore, some students will not appreciate their fortune until later in life. Fern, however, cares more about a student’s future than whether or not they like her. Fern greeted every child every morning with a smile and a good morning.

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Sadly, Fern became sick this year and so due to her health she needed to stop her job on the bus.

She still volunteers at the school and even though she does not physically ride with us anymore, her presence is still felt. I and the students benefit every day from the systems of citizenship and cooperation that she taught the students.

I hope that our community will show their appreciation to Fern by voting for her as Volunteer of the Year 2012.

Flora Long


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