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12/3 - A woman reported an unoccupied house on Dill had been burglarized. Police called the owner and left a message. The officer observed that an upper door had apparently been forced open.

- A woman complained to police, for the second time, that when she was riding her bicycle on Ludolph Road in Electric City, the same dog came out to challenge her. She discouraged the dog with a tire pump. Police told the owner of the dog he needed to keep it contained on the property.

- A man asked that a welfare check be made on his daughter. Police checked on the daughter and advised the man that everything was OK.

- A man was advised that he needed to stay at least 100 yards away from a residence on Weil Place because of a protection order. He told police that a friend of his was serving papers on the person who lived there. He was advised to observe the protection order against him.

- Police were advised of a person lying on the road across from the Fusion Cafe in Electric City. When police arrived and asked if he was OK, he cursed the officer. He refused to give the officer his identification, and cursed him again. He accused the officer of stealing his land. Tribal police were advised as to the location of the man.

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- A woman on Burdin Boulevard told police that there was a man sitting on the steps of a residence across the street who had a sledgehammer and was beating it on the ground and looked agitated. Police were told that he was supposed to be doing some work at the place but that the man was not home, and that he had already called someone for a ride.

- Police responded to an alarm at Banks Lake Pub in Electric City only to find a person who was cleaning the place.

- Coulee Medical Center personnel called police to report that a person they were treating from an auto accident had a gun and they had no secure place to put it. Police took the gun and advised the party where it would be.

- Police responded to two vehicles being off the road on the Wilbur hill on SR 174. The roadway was so icy that the officer’s vehicle was sliding. Police waited until the Washington State Patrol unit showed up.

- Police responded to a call of a possible overdose problem at the Eagles Lodge. When the officer arrived, he found EMTs working on a woman who drank alcohol after having taken some medication. The Davenport woman was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

12/4 - A man who lives in the Senior Manor apartments advised police that someone had cut the gas filler hoses to his pickup. He told police that he was missing about 20 gallons of gas in one tank. The party responsible didn’t alter the second tank.

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- Coulee Medical Center officials called police to say that a person they were treating was uncooperative. The woman was told she needed to follow the rules of the hospital or she would have to leave. The woman said she would leave and gathered her things. She was told by police if she returned she would be arrested.

- A report of loud music brought an officer to a location on Main Street near Federal Avenue. A man was out in his carport with music playing. The man insisted that the music wasn’t too loud, but was told by the officer that if it caused a complaint then he needed to turn it down. It was suggested to the man that if he had earphones then he could have the music as loud as he wished. The man turned the music down.

- A woman on Miller Avenue in Electric City told police that she had a fraudulent charge on her credit card. She said she clicked on a an ad on the internet where the company was going to fix her computer for $99. When she got the bill it was for over $400. She told police that she advised the credit card company and they stopped payment and advised her to file a police report.

12/5 - Police were called to a home on Stevens Avenue in Electric City where there was a report of domestic violence. When the officer arrived, he was advised that it was just an argument and the woman was planning to go to a friend’s house.

- A man on Butler Square told police that when he got home the door was locked and it wasn’t supposed to be. He said he went around back and a window was pushed out and he thought he heard someone inside. Police arrived and checked the house out, but there wasn’t anyone inside.

- A woman on West Grand Avenue told police that a stray dog was chasing her cats and when she went to the door to scare the dog away it lunged on her and bit her on the hand. She said it was a black pitbull mix. Police looked for the dog but couldn’t find it.

- An officer followed up on a report that there was a cow in the roadway on Ludolph Road. The officer couldn’t locate a cow.

- A Coulee Dam woman driving on SR-155 was stopped for a defective tail lamp and then cited for having expired tabs. She just got a warning on the tail light problem.

12/6 - An officer found two stray dogs near milepost 19 on SR-174, and found a phone number on a collar of one of the dogs. The officer found the dogs belonged to someone in Coulee Dam and took the dogs to that residence.

- A driver in a Kentucky licensed vehicle was stopped on Hillcrest Avenue in Electric City because of a defective tail light. The driver didn’t have a license on his person and no proof of insurance. He was cited on the insurance and warned on the other infractions.

- A person who put 20 head of cattle in a pasture next to the golf course told an officer that his cows were not used to an electric fence yet and that he had given golf officials his phone number in case they ventured onto the course.

12/8 - A Keller woman was stopped because her license plate light was out, and as she was pulling over she crossed the fog line a couple of times and ended up on the sidewalk near Four Corners. The officer smelled intoxicants when he went to the window of the car. She failed various field tests for intoxication and was arrested. While in the police station, she threw up in a wastebasket. When asked how much beer she had been drinking, she said “lots,” according to the police report.

- A person told police that he knew where a person wanted on a felony warrant was residing. Police went to a room above Pepper Jack’s Restaurant and arrested a man and took him to Grant County Jail on the warrant.

12/9 - A Yakima man was stopped after he failed to observe the stop sign on Spokane Way and SR-155. He told the officer that he was driving while his license was suspended and had no insurance certificate. A licensed driver with him took over the vehicle.

- A Grand Coulee driver was stopped after an officer ran a check on his car and it was found he was driving while his license was suspended. He was cited and a tow truck was called.

- A Grand Coulee woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on charges of residential burglary, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of fourth-degree assault after police were called to an apartment where the woman was passed out from drinking. Child Protective Services was called to take care of her 2-month-old baby.

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12/3 - A school bus driver told police that she missed some children on her route and that the supervisor yelled at her in front of other people. Police told the woman she should take it up with school officials.

12/5 - Police were called to assist EMS officials in lifting a patient into an ambulance. The person was then taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- Plant Protection was called when it was found that a lock to the Bureau firing range had been cut off the gate. Police checked the range area, and drove the perimeter, but couldn’t find anyone or evidence that anything was missing.

- A man on Camas Street called police to complain about two dogs barking. He told police that they had been barking for a long time. Police went to the house to tell the owner of the dogs to keep them quiet. The owner said she would take the dogs inside.

12/9 - Police observed a woman known to have warrants for her arrest driving near Riley Point. She was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail on the warrants, one from Grant County and the other from Okanogan County.

12/10 - A driver with expired tabs on his vehicle was stopped and cited. His tabs had expired in July, 2011.

- A man on Camas told police that his wife’s uncle kept calling and making threats because of a car transaction. He told police that the man said he was going to take her children away from her and see that she was deported to Mexico. The officer in his report stated the woman was an American citizen. He advised that they should look into getting a court order so it would be illegal for the man to keep contacting them.

- Police went to the canal area near North Dam Park where five individuals were located after closing hours at dusk. The five people were checked out and advised that it was past time for them to be in the area. They left.


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